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Extended essay in psychology

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1 Extended essay in psychology
New program starting 2009

2 An independent piece of research of approximatively 40 hours of work
Find a relevant topic + relevant resources Formulate precise research question and demonstrate knowledge of its relevance Construct a reasoned argument to adress it Support the argument with relevant knowledge. Use appropriate methods and terminology Acknowledge sources in a standard academic way Demonstrate analytical and evaluative skills

3 IB requires that the supervisor
Provides advice and guidance in how to undertake research Helps to fomulate a focused research question Ensures that the research question does not violate any ethical issues Gives copies of necessary papers from the guide to the student Reads and comments on the first draft (but does not edit it) Support the student in the research process and monitor progress (also to ensure that the work is the student’s own) Gives a predicted grade for the EE If there has been 0 hours of guidance the supervisor should explain why and how s/he can ensure authenticity of the work In cases of malpractice – write a report to the IB coordinator

4 IB recommend that the supervisor
Spends around 5 hours with each student Gives advice on how to access appropriate resources (e.g. Library, Internet) Gives information on how to gather data and analyse them (i.e. Doing research) Gives information on how to write an abstract Gives information on how to document sources Conducts a short face-to-face interview with the student when the EE is finished (the viva voce)

5 The EE should include Title page with relevant information (e.g. Name, school,exam session and candidate number, title of essay, word count Abstract Contents page Introduction Development (body) Conclusion References and bibliography Appendices (not all subjects have this)

6 The EE Word limit 4000 words Does not include abstract, contents page, illustrations, charts, formulas, citations, foot-or endnotes, bibliography, appendices Essays that exceed the word limit cannot be marked beyond the 4000 words

7 Title Indicates the focus of the essay.
Must be precise but not necessarily in the form of a question RQ: To what extent does attachment influence later relationships? Title: Attachment and later relationships

8 Abstract Max 300 words Should be written as the last thing (because it gives an overview of the research) Placed just after title page Includes the following The research question under investigation The scope of the investigation (i.e. How was the research question investigated) The conclusion of the extended essay

9 Contents page Placed right after abstract
Shows content of the extended essay Pages must be numbered so that the different part of the extended essay can be found via the contents page

10 Citations, references, bibliography
References: must follow a standard academic format. (e.g. Petersen (2004), p. 345) Reference list (Bibliography) at the end of the extended essay of all the cited sources. A convention to present it in alphabetical order in psychology.

11 Planning research - the pentagon of basic questions2
WHAT do you ask? The research question What do you ask WITH? Tools: Theory, concepts, methods WHY do you ask? Purpose and relevance of the investigation What do you ask ABOUT? Empirical knowledge/ data/ text/ phenomenon HOW do you ask? The approach to the investigation 2Lotte Rienecker: Formidlingscentrets Overheads, KU, rev 1. januar 2004

12 Criterion A:The research question (max 2 marks)
The research question is clearly stated in the introduction and sharply focused making effective treatment possible within the word limit. Ψ RQ must be relevant to psychology

13 Criterion B:Introduction (max 2 marks) – somewhat new
The context of the research question is clearly demonstrated. The introduction clearly explains the significance of the topic and why it is worthy of investigation Ψ Often relate to previous research in psychology and issues related to this such as strengths and weaknesses of explanations.

14 Criterion C: The investigation (max 4 marks) -New
If RQ not appropriate for systematic investigation max 2! An imaginative range of appropriate sources has been consulted, or data has been gathered, and relevant material has been carefully selected. The investigation has been well planned. Ψ Use of academic ressources primarily which includes evaluation but information from the media or students’ own data can be used to some extent as illustration but not extensively and not as valid evidence.

15 Criterion D:Knowledge and understanding of the topic studied (max 4 marks) - new
If RQ not appropriate for systematic investigation max 2! The essay demonstrates a very good knowledge and understanding of the topic studied. Where appropriate, the essay clearly and precisely locates the investigation in an academic context Ψ Evidence and findings from empirical studies and related theories and elements of critical evaluation (BIG 4)

16 Criterion E:Reasoned argument (max 4 marks)- new
If RQ not appropriate for systematic investigation max 2! Ideas are presented clearly and in a logical and coherent manner. The essay succeeds in developing a reasoned and convincing argument in relation to the research question Ψ The argument often presents different views. The students should explain and analyse these and try to persuade the reader of the validity of own view by presenting valid support following a logical structure.

17 Developing an argument5
TV violence can have harmful psychological effects on children CLAIM because their constant exposure to violent images makes them unable to distinguish fantasy from reality REASON. Smith (1997) found that children who watched more than 3 hours of TV a day were 25% more likely to say what they saw on TV was “really happening” EVIDENCE. It is possible, of course, that children who watch more violent entertainment already have violent values ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF ALTERNATIVE but Jones (1989) found that children with no predisposition to violence were just as attracted to violent entertainment as those with a history of violence RESPONSE. 5Booth,Colomb,Williams: The Craft of Research, 2nd Ed., The University Press of Chicago, 2003, p.118f

18 Criterion F:Application of analytical and evaluative skills appropriate to the subject (Max 4 marks) – somewhat new The essay shows effective and sophisticated application of appropriate analytical and evaluative skills Ψ Focus is on analysis and evaluation of the psychological theories and empirical studies as used in the argument. Reflexivity (thinking about own experiences and views that may have influenced choice of methods and interpretation in the EE) can also be included.

19 Criterion G: Use of language appropriate to the subject (max 4 marks)- new
The language used communicates clearly and precisely. Terminology appropriate to the subject is used accurately, with skill and understanding Ψ use psychological terminology such as psychological concepts.

20 Criterion H:Conclusion (max 2 marks) – somewhat new
An effective conclusion is clearly stated; it is relevant to the research question and consistent with the evidence presented in the essay. It should include unresolved questions where appropriate to the subject concerned. Ψ Should be clearly related to the RQ and follow logically from the psychological evidence presented in the argument.

21 Criterion I:Formal presentation (Max 4 marks)
The formal elements are: the title page, table of contents, page numbers, illustrative material, quotations, documentation (including references, citations and bibliography) and appendices (if used). If the essay exceeds 4000 words a 0 is awarded in I. Max marks 4: The formal presentation is excellent (all of the above included) Ψ if there is no bibligraphy: 0 marks Ψ if one element from the formal elements is missing: 2 marks Ψ if two elements from the formal elements are missing: mark

22 Criterion J: Abstract (max 2 marks)
The requirements for the abstract is to clearly state the research question, how the investigation was undertaken and the conclusion(s) of the essay. Max marks 2: The abstract clearly states all the elements listed above. Ψ clarity of the presentation of the required content. If the abstract is not clearly stating all of these but they are present: 1 mark

23 Criterion K: Holistic judgment (max marks 4)
Purpose of this criterion is to assess the qualities that distinguish an essay from the average, e.g. Intellectual initiative, depth of understanding, insigt. Max marks 4: The essay shows considerable evidence of such qualities Ψ Even essays that are not among the best could show some evidence of the qualities and should then be rewarded, e.g. Choice of good RQ, locating good ressources, good evaluation, a reflexive approach.

24 Activity- From topic to research question
In groups – list 5 topics for EE that could come from your students Discuss how these topics could best be transformed into focused research questions Discuss how you as supervisors could provide the best support to your students

25 Viva voce - activity Check on plagiarism and malpractice; opportunity to reflect on the research process; help to supervisor’s report Relevant questions?

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