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Starch—Break It Down! p. 369.

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1 Starch—Break It Down! p. 369

2 What is an enzyme? A protein found in organisms with a specific function. Examples: Protease breaks down proteins Lipase breaks down lipids Amylase breaks down carbs Where do you think these enzymes are found? What is similar between the 3 enzymes?

3 Function of Enzymes Reduce the amount of activation energy needed to start a chemical reaction. As a result the enzyme acts as a catalyst by speeding up the reaction. Ex. Digestion would take a lot longer w/o enzymes! Control very specific reactions (see lock and key model) Breakdown reactions, ex. Digestion Synthesis reactions, ex. Protein Synthesis (making of proteins from ?????)

4 Progress of the reaction
Course of reaction without enzyme EA without enzyme EA with enzyme is lower Reactants Course of reaction with enzyme Free energy Change in free energy (∆G ) is unaffected by enzyme Products Progress of the reaction

5 Lock & Key Model Enzymes are substrate specific! Substrate
Observe the picture above. Provide evidence that supports the claim that enzymes are substrate specific. Enzyme

6 Enzyme Function (Hydrogen Peroxide) + H2O O2 (Products)

7 Purpose of this lab! (See NTK Box, p. 370-71)
Your team will investigate the role of amylase in breaking down starch into smaller molecules called maltose and glucose. How do different variables affect enzyme reactions?

8 Variables (circle one)
Amylase Concentration Starch Concentration Temperature pH (acidic or basic environment)

9 Guidelines You will be observing: The amount of glucose produced.
The presence of starch. You will collect data: 0 minutes 4 minutes You must use both amylase and starch, but change only 1 variable! Note: You are doing this for all 3 concentrations, temperatures, or pH’s

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