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FRENCH B Standard Level.

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1 FRENCH B Standard Level

2 Target Student French B (SL) is for the language learner who may not intend continuing the study of the language beyond the Diploma Program and who: has 2 to 5 years experience in the target language is normally taught outside a country where the language is spoken is a beginner or near-beginner who lives in a country where the language is spoken

3 French B - Tools The main focus of the course is on language
acquisition and development in the four primary language skills: Listening Speaking Reading Writing

4 French B - Context

5 French B –Objectives Checklist
At the end of French B Standard Level, candidates are expected to demonstrate an ability to: communicate clearly and effectively in a range of situations understand and use accurately oral and written forms of the language that are commonly encountered in a range of situations understand and use of a range of vocabulary in common usage select a register that is generally appropriate to the situation express ideas with general clarity and some fluency structure arguments in a generally clear, coherent and convincing way understand and respond appropriately to written and spoken material of average difficulty assess some subtleties of the language in a range of forms, styles and registers show an awareness of, and sensitivity to, some elements of the culture related to the language studied

6 French B – SL Evaluation
EXTERNAL EVALUATION: Written Component 3hrs Weight: 70% Paper 1: Text Handling 40% Paper 2: Written Production 30% 1 h h 30 Reading 30% Written Response 10% Writing Task 30% Questions based on a A short writing exercise in response One writing task from a choice number of written texts to a written text of four INTERNAL EVALUATION: Oral Component Weight: 30 % Two oral activities to be internally assessed by the teacher and externally moderated by the IBO Individual Oral 15 % Interactive Oral Activity 15% Based on a stimulus chosen by student Based on an in class discussion

M of ED FOUR POINT SCALE 7 96-100 4 + + 6 90-95 4 + 5 85-89 80-84 4 4 - 77-79 74-76 70-73 3 + 3 3 - 67-69 64-68 60-63 2 + 2 2 -

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