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Kindergarten at Evergreen Elementary! The most important year of your child’s education.

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1 Kindergarten at Evergreen Elementary! The most important year of your child’s education.


3 A Typical Day In Kindergarten Includes: Calendar Phonemic Awareness Whole group reading lessons Reading Centers/ Guided Reading Writing Math Science/Social Studies Developmental Centers

4 Calendar Patterning Number recognition Number sense Counting to 100 by 1’s and 10’s Concepts of more, less Place value Graphing Data analysis

5 FUNDATIONS Letter recognition Letter-sound relationships Letter formation Blending: c-a-t=cat Segmenting: dog=d-o-g Sight words Uses visual, auditory and kinesthetic approaches

6 n Songs used to teach rhyming, segmenting, letter sound awareness, even how to spell sight words n Involves games that teach and use movement as well as hands on which are developmentally appropriate n Scaffolding of skills

7 Reading Centers Independent activities that focus on current skills Students have an assignment then free exploration Centers include: Reading, Writing, Listening, Computers and ABC/Word Play

8 Guided Reading Groups Ability based grouping and lessons Designed to take your child from current ability level and build upon those skills Early focus is pre-reading skills that include: rhyming, letter recognition, sound recognition and application Books are chosen that help to build reading strategies, decoding skills, and comprehension Meet with teacher or para-educator daily

9 Lunch Time Students make their own choices of entrée and sides. A combination of 3 fruit and vegetable choices 40 minutes Responsible for care of area and lunchbox

10 Writing Developmental in stages Letters Letter strings Copying words Invented/ Sound spelling Sentences on topic with conventions

11 Math Hands on with manipulatives Teach students to recognize strategies used to solve problems in order to explain how got to the answer Lessons include focus, whole group, math workshop, discussion and practice

12 Math Skills Number recognition Number sense- what makes that number what it is Number formation Shapes- 2-D and 3- dimensional Time concepts Money: coins and values Patterning- recognizing, extending, and creating Graphing Data analysis Comparison Measurement: using non-standard units Attributes

13 Science/ Social Studies Science Weather Sun, Moon, Stars Habitats Life Cycles Sound Motion Landforms Social Studies Rules Citizenship Patriotic symbols Economics Geography- landforms/ maps Traditions/ Holidays

14 Developmental Centers Playing to learn Building Legos Art Computers Puzzles Reading Math Science

15 What does that mean for my kindergartener?

16 The bar has been raised and we are going for the gold.

17 Reading and Language Arts


19 Attendance Very important to be IN school Arrive ON time Can greatly impact student progress Schedule doctor appointments and vacations around the school day/ year Calendar available on SMCPS website to aid planning

20 Together we can build a solid foundation!

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