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Evergreen Elementary 2012-2013 House Team Program.

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1 Evergreen Elementary 2012-2013 House Team Program

2 Improving student achievement. Improving student attendance. Improving student behavior.

3 Build Pride Inside Individual Level Class Level Team Level

4 Having a Little Fun!

5 6 Teams  Cross grade levels  Named after a Maryland State Symbol  Symbol/Color

6 Shubert Wallace Novak Hamilton Dyson

7 Cathcart Harris Slack Menendez Gilroy

8 Kolski Council Myles Gisoldi Lewis

9 Biegner Sapp Wallish Bodine Layman Orgel


11 Bean Paribello Mengarelli Mangum Spinney

12 How Do We Earn Points & Rewards?





17 C lass o f the W eek Specials

18 Sample Data

19 Rewards Weekly: – Extra Recess – Announced on Tuesdays – Data Graphs displayed for attendance and homework 6 Weeks: – Team Celebration

20 Top Dogs Working Hard and Being Nice Classroom Bus

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