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Chuck Hutchins Vectors, Inc.

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1 Chuck Hutchins Vectors, Inc.
VRS & You Chuck Hutchins Vectors, Inc.

2 Technology

3 Technology

4 Technology

5 Miniaturization of Components!

6 User Components of VRS

7 User Components of VRS Efficiency!!!

8 Where are my corrections coming from???

9 Network Components of VRS
CORS Stations & Reference Stations

10 Network Components of VRS

11 Network Components of VRS
Monumentation Hardware

12 Network Components of VRS

13 Network Components of VRS
Communications Software

14 How does all of this work???

15 Infrastructure The future of the Survey, Mapping and Construction industries.

16 Server: Central Data Management
Infrastructure Server: Central Data Management

17 Data Flow Reference Station data streams back to server through LAN or Internet

18 Data Flow Roving receiver sends a NMEA string back to server using cellular modem - VRS position is established VRS NMEA - GGA

19 Data Flow Server uses VRS position to create corrected observables and broadcasts to rover VRS RTCM or CMR+

20 Data Flow Rover surveys as in normal RTK survey but getting data as if coming from the VRS VRS

21 VRS - How does it work? Network Processes Integrity monitoring
Geometric correction Correction for tropospheric errors Correction for ionospheric errors Ambiguity resolution Consistency check Delivery of VRS corrections to your mobile location.

22 Network Multiple Base Station Solution
Let B1, B2 B3 be base stations, R be the rover B1 B2 R B3 Four RTK engines run simultaneously: (1,2) (2,3) (3,1) (1,R)+(2,R)+(3,R)

23 What’s the advantage???

24 Advantages of VRS Eliminates dependency on single reference station or base station. Uses established communications. Establishes a single coordinate system.


26 VRS & You Questions???

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