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Volunteers In Surge Functional Exercise Part 2: “ESF8 Web Conference”

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1 Volunteers In Surge Functional Exercise Part 2: “ESF8 Web Conference”

2 ESF8 WebConference Agenda for 1200: ESF8/HCC Situation Status Health Department Surveillance Reports Incident Command Update- Health Facility Reports –,,, – CDPHE/County Coordination issues Contacts:

3 Update on Hazmat Info reported to IC Staffing and supply updates – PPE has been requested from – Antivirals for hospitalized/nursing home residents that exhibit symptoms or have had contact. Will be pre-deployed to facilities (staff needs to provide inventory control.) – ED overwhelmed. Hospital has closed ED and has directed patients to and Student Health for triage.

4 Current Staff Shortages (HCC) FacilityMed Staff ILIMed Staff Type Non-Med Staff ILI Non-Med Staff Type 16 (contracted 6 RT’s) RT, RN-CC, ED- various, Pharm, Lab Tech 12Admiss, Envirn Ser, Purchas, [ ] 8*RN, CNA, PA12* (3 Vol) Admin, Fin, Mtls, Housekeep 4, 4RN, CNA3, 1, 1, [2]Housekeeping, Front desk, Maintenance, [PIO, CNO] 16**16** As of 1200 4/15/10 per Hospital Status Report *No Report

5 Novel Influenza Update: Serious concerns regarding the standardized application of “Altered Standards of Care” (ASC.) HCC recommends that “Triage” follow the protocols set forth in DPHE guidance and that facilities clearly articulate plans for facility triage, staff surveillance, and visitor restrictions. Hospital Volunteers should be given JITT regarding “acceptable triage” based on ASC guidance.

6 Number of Staff affected by school incident:

7 Number of Staff Ill, options for coverage in ED/Inpatient

8 Enforcement of existing hospital restrictions/ ILI absence policy

9 Hospital activation Levels with corresponding staffing/resource decisions

10 Capacity for “decon” patients from scene

11 EMS coordination and assistance in planning for patient tracking

12 Hospital Public Messaging through JIC (how/who.)

13 Facility Layout:

14 Exercise Control (fig. 2): Exercise Control

15 Inpatient Wing (fig. 3):

16 Emergency Department (fig. 4):

17 Specialty Areas (fig. 5): Cafeteria To main Entrance Activity Room


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