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TOK Across the Curriculum.

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1 TOK Across the Curriculum

2 Areas of knowledge Knower(s) Areas of knowledge Ways of knowing
Natural sciences Areas of knowledge Ways of knowing Mathematics Human sciences Emotion Reason Knower(s) Sense perception Language Ethics History The arts

3 Groups 1 and 2 Can translations ever be trusted to carry the original intent?



6 Do people who speak different languages live in different worlds?


8 How is communication affected when older generations do not know modern meanings?
2009 GOP mantra: “We are going to do lots of tea bagging!”

9 Through literature, how can we gain understanding of different cultures?

10 vs. vs.

11 Can you have a thought if you do not have a word for it?

12 Group 3 Since history is always being rewritten, can it ever be trusted as absolute truth?


14 Should history be held to the same investigative requirements as science?


16 In the soft sciences (psychology, sociology, etc
In the soft sciences (psychology, sociology, etc.) do we ever actually get closer to the “truth,” or do we just establish new paradigms?


18 Group 4 How reliable is the scientific method? Knowledge Issues:
- data collection - emotional interference - manipulation of statistics

19 Is inductive reasoning in science (particular to general) more reliable than deductive reasoning in mathematics (general to particular)?

20 Could Science exist independent from mathematics?

21 Group 5 Are the formulas on which math depend always absolute? Can they undergo change?



24 Since math and God are the only absolutes, is math synonymous with God, as Bertrand Russell suggested?

25 Beauty in Mathematics?

26 Group 6 Can “the beautiful” be defined by an expert?


28 What is the nature of the beautiful?





33 Ethics Ought ethical standards be relative or absolute?


35 Ethics: Ought man guide his life by the common good or personal satisfaction? - falsify statistics - use data from the Holocaust - give placebo

36 Ethics: Should we judge actions by the motive or the consequence?
- Hiroshima - Obama’s bailouts

37 Sense Perception:

38 Perception:

39 Perception: Pirana- Brazil, One-Two-Many


41 Emotion:

42 Emotion:

43 Reason: Can a person logically be anti-abortion and pro-death penalty?

44 Reason: Cost of death penalty vs. life in prison?

45 Language: Invasion or defense?

46 Language: - word play? Isn’t everyone pro-life?

47 To Kiss une bise (kiss on cheek) un bisou (smooch/peck)
Language To Kiss une bise (kiss on cheek) un bisou (smooch/peck) un baiser (kiss, but as verb to f---) un palot (French kiss)

48 Can we separate the knower from the known?

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