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Ribosomes and Transfer RNA

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1 Ribosomes and Transfer RNA
Natalia Sivackova

2 All tRNA Molecules Have…
Sections that become double stranded by base pairing A triplet of bases called the anticodon, in a loop of seven bases Two other loops The base sequence CCA at the 3’ terminal

3 tRNA Activating Enzymes
The base sequence of tRNA molecules varies and this causes some variable features in structure: An extra small loop is sometimes present The base paired sections are sometimes helical Gives tRNA distinctive 3-D shape Distinctive chemical properties  Allows the correct amino acid to be attached by tRNA activating enzyme

4 tRNA 20 different tRNA activating enzymes
tRNA activating enzyme recognizes tRNA molecules by shape and chemical properties ATP is needed for attachment of amino acids

5 Structure and Function of Ribosomes
Protein and rRNA both for part of the structure of ribosomes 2 subunits: one large, one small 3 binding sites for tRNA on the surface of the ribosome 2 tRNA molecules can bind at the same time to the ribosome There is a binding site for mRNA on the surface of the ribosome

6 Peptide Bonds Ribosomes are the site for polypeptide synthesis
= linking amino acids together by a condensation reaction

7 Vocabulary tRNA activating enzyme Free ribosomes Bound ribosomes
REFERENCES: Study Guide pg. 63 HL book pg.

8 Bibliography

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