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Venus & Serena Williams By: Mrs. Becerra & Miss Majka.

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2 Venus & Serena Williams By: Mrs. Becerra & Miss Majka

3 B IRTH & C HILDHOOD Venus born: June 17, 1980 in Lynwood, CA Serena born: September 26, 1981 in Saginaw, MI Five kids--Compton, CA Venus and Serena the youngest Ghetto 1980s: cruddy racquets and dud balls Parents stressed discipline and education Not many tournaments, private matches Dad coached 10 years-Venus, 30 titles and Ranked #1 11 years-Moved to Palm Beach Gardens New Coach: Richard Macci Practice Schedule: 6 hours/day, 6 days/week, 200 serves/day 1 ½ years later: parents became coaches again

4 A DULT & FAMILY LIFE Venus 32 years old 1998: Broke fastest serve, 127 miles/hour 1999: Ranked #3 Won 7 grand slams and 12 in doubles Overall: Ranked #1 three times, and 4 Olympic Gold Medals 2011: Diagnosed Sjorgens Syndrome Raw vegan diet Art classes Interior Design Company: V Starr Interiors Clothing Line: EleVen UNESCO: international peace and education Serena 31 years old 1997: Ranked #453, 9 months later, #20 1999: #8 Overall: #1 five times Lost title in 2010-injury, 18 stitches Jehovahs Witness Supports sister-vegan diet Film, TV, fashion Clothing line: Aneres Clothing BOTH : First sisters to win tournament on same day V: IGA Classic, S: Paris Open 3/28/99: Play each other for 1 st time-115 years, Venus won 2003: sister died Documentary coming out on 5/10 House in FL, 2 dogs (Jack Russell Terrier & Maltese) Autobiographies Still living

5 L IKES & D ISLIKES Likes: Playing tennis: anytime, anywhere Snazzy and jazzy Bright colors Enthusiasm on court- noises, outfits, hair, energy Dislikes: Being BOO-ed Mean

6 I NITIATIVES & C ONTRIBUTIONS Fought against racism in tennis Not many African American tennis players Work hard, make good choice Overcome environment

7 I NTERESTING F ACTS Dad saw tournament on TV Winner: Millionaire Venus: taller, faster, best serve, overhead smash Serena: shorter, more muscular, powerful backhand stroke

8 M ONUMENTS / S TATUES / M EMORIALS Wax Museum NYC Can you tell the real Serena?

9 IB A TTITUDES & A TTRIBUTES Caring: serves to help Communicator: telling one another who can go first and what/how to improve Commitment: Practice

10 K EY C ONCEPTS Responsibility: Took turns Reflection: Improvements Causation: practice makes permanent

11 Q UESTIONS Mrs. Becerra: What is your favorite move in tennis? Miss Majka: What is the biggest challenge you ever faced?


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