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Patch Care Plan Orientation Improving your spinal function.

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1 Patch Care Plan Orientation Improving your spinal function

2 Goals The program you have started focuses on Functional Improvements to your spine. Our structural remodeling program is more intense, lasts longer, demands more frequent visits, and includes office remodeling traction.

3 Health Benefits Of course you’re coming in to feel better. Maybe get out of pain? But most people notice other changes in their personal health care picture after a month or two of care. Improvements in digestion, breathing, sleeping, energy, skin radiance, clarity of thought and focus are all positive benefits that patients have received under chiropractic care. As your body begins to adapt better to your environment, the changes we measure are Posture, Balance, and Nervous System Integrity.

4 4 The Human Spine Your spine consists of 24 movable vertebrae. From the front or back view, your spine should be straight.

5 5 The Curves From the side your spine should have three curves, each approximating 60 degrees. 60 0

6 1.Corrective spinal adjustments followed by 2.Maintenance. YOUR Program consists of:

7 1. Specific Adjustments Your adjustments are designed to restore movement, improve spinal position, and relieve pressure or tension from the nerves.

8 2. Maintenance care… your ‘Retainer’ Remember, you must maintain your spine after it has been corrected. This initially requires a monthly visit or two and eventually may be reduced to a lesser frequency. These visits check your spinal condition, and adjustments restore any lost corrections. Correcting your spine without maintenance is a waste of your time, effort and money. Treatment Correction Maintenance

9 Posture Improvement Balance Improvement Nervous System Improvement

10 10 OK, let’s review. 1. The spine should be maintained from birth for maximum nerve integrity and optimum health potential. 2. If the spine is not maintained it will develop a problem. Problems develop silently without symptoms. 3. Over time, damaged tissue accumulates and you will develop symptoms and possibly permanent damage.

11 11 Your Program… 1.Initial Care. Handle the crisis. Get the care you need to reduce or alleviate your current situation. 3. Maintenance. Maintain your spine in proper alignment. One or two visits a month works fine for most people. 2. Correct the Problem. Or at least, partially correct the problem!

12 12 Why make the silly mistake of not maintaining what took so long to correct? Spinal Maintenance: The Key to Optimum Health Remember... Spinal Maintenance Requires Chiropractic Adjustments. In conclusion… Keep your spine in Good Alignment

13 Doctor Doctor GoodBack says, Correct your spine, then maintain it for a happier, healthier lifestyle.

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