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Office of Educational Development and Evaluation (OEDE) UCSD School of Medicine Student Orientation Evaluation Process August 2007 Babbi J. Winegarden,

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1 Office of Educational Development and Evaluation (OEDE) UCSD School of Medicine Student Orientation Evaluation Process August 2007 Babbi J. Winegarden, Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Educational Development and Evaluation Website: OEDE Email: meded-oede@ucsd.edu

2 OEDE: What we do… website: Evaluations (On-line)  All courses in years 1-3  Faculty in years 1-3, Residents in year 3  Students in years 1-3 (mostly year 3 but some in 1 st and 2 nd year courses)  Year 4 – just beginning Educational (Faculty) Development  Faculty seminars (lecturing, small group facilitation, precepting, etc.)

3 OEDE Staff: Who we are…  Who does what  Contact all of us at Student Representatives for OEDE  1 st year rep will be chosen in Fall quarter  2 nd year rep is Matt Gonzales  Reps assist with Review of questions, # of evaluations, emails, and any other concerns or helpful guidance We are located in MTF 162B…

4 Accessing OEDE info from the Web Portal http://meded- S%201&curpage=forum&forum=99 http://meded- S%201&curpage=forum&forum=99

5 How are evaluations used here at UCSD SOM? Curriculum Committees Course Directors review course, faculty and student performance Dean’s letters for students Faculty self-review Student self-review The School of Medicine reviews all evaluations as part of our quality review process.

6 Are Evaluations Required? Course, Faculty and Student – Yes Others – No – we usually conduct some sort of raffle for you as incentive for these

7 Random Sampling… We conduct random sampling to lessen the number of evaluations activated per student  Exceptions Small groups/labs usually 100% Final course evaluations usually 100%

8 CourseEvaluationBlocksCountSamplingStart DateActive DateEnd Date Submit Start SOM 202A SBS: Dr/Pt Relationship 604963 Facilitator Eval of StudentSOM 202A x12 100% 9/6/2007 12/2/200711/9/2007 Eval of Faculty (Lecturer)SOM 202A0.6 60% 9/6/2007 11/18/200711/8/2007 Eval of Faculty (Small Group Facilitator) Week 1 - 5 x12 (midcourse feedback)1 100% 9/6/2007 10/14/200710/4/2007 Week 6 - 10 x121 100% 10/11/2007 11/18/200711/8/2007 Eval of Course (Overall)  1 100% 11/14/2007 11/25/200711/14/2007 Total SOM 202A SBS: Dr./Pt. Relationship Evaluations:3.6 SOM 204 Cell Biology & Biochemistry 604953 Eval of Course (Overall)  1 100% 12/12/2007 12/30/200712/12/2007 Eval of Faculty (Clinical Correlates)( CC )1 100% 9/10/2007 12/30/200712/5/2007 Eval of Faculty (Laboratory)( LAB )1 100% 9/4/2007 12/2/200711/7/2007 Eval of Faculty (Elective Lab)( EL )1 100% 9/11/2007 12/2/200711/6/2007 Eval of Faculty (Lecturer) Cellular & Molecular ( C )0.6 60% 9/4/2007 12/2/200711/6/2007 Biochem & Disease ( B )0.6 60% 9/4/2007 12/2/200711/7/2007 Laboratory ( LL )0.6 60% 9/4/2007 12/2/200711/5/2007 Immunology ( I )0.6 60% 9/17/2007 12/2/200711/5/2007 Genetics in Medicine ( G )0.6 60% 11/26/2007 12/30/200712/10/2007 Eval of Faculty (Reading Workshop)( READ )1 100% 9/12/2007 12/2/200711/7/2007 Total SOM 204 Cell Biology & Biochemistry Evaluations:8 SOM 217A Principles of Pharmacology 604965 Eval of Course (Overall)  1 100% 12/14/2007 12/30/200712/14/2007 Eval of Faculty (Lecturer)  0.6 60% 11/26/2007 12/30/200712/6/2007 Eval of Faculty (Conference Facilitator) Pharmacodynamics x161 100% 12/7/2007 12/30/200712/10/2007 Pharmacokinetics x161 100% 12/7/2007 12/30/200712/10/2007 Total SOM 217A Principles of Pharmacology Evaluations:3.6 Total Fall 2007 MS I Evaluations:15.2 Fall 2007 MS 1 Evaluations 3 courses and approximately 15.2 evaluations to complete

9 What we need from you… 90% completion rate  Student Handbook, page 44 Student Responsibilities for Course Evaluation  Evaluations are a course requirement  90% completion rate per quarter is expected  See Associate Dean for UGME if fall below this Timely completion of evaluations Let us know if something in an evaluation is incorrect  We have a very quick response to concerns/issues

10 Professional and Constructive Feedback What would you want to read about yourself if the evaluation was about you? What is constructive feedback?  A communication that gives the person information about his/her performance with the aim of developing and/or enhancing that performance.  Based on facts, and,  Must be something the person can do something about De-identify in extreme circumstances

11 Logging in to: You received an email from CoursEval just prior to this session, indicating that you have an evaluation to complete. This is the evaluation of your Orientation week experience. In the email you will find a box with a login button, your username and password.  Please change your password upon entering CoursEval for the first time.  Should you forget your password in the future, you can always use the “Problem logging in?” option from the Log In screen.  Future emails will not contain your password information for security purposes.


13 Menu Bar ( Open Orientation evaluation)  Change password under Other menu option  Contact Site Administrator  Surveys Available, Incomplete and complete evaluations/surveys  Reports Directors’ Reports…mostly 3 rd year  Help Use site features: Faculty/Student Portal

14 Miscellaneous concepts… Save progress vs. submit  Students requested to be able to complete evaluations as soon as possible after an event – good reliability for us  Be sure to save progress if you are completing evaluations this way Evals of faculty (small groups/labs, etc) Sometimes direct assignment, sometimes pick list  Each evaluation will have instructions Give us feedback anytime… Questions?

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