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Advocacy Session Mon. July 29, 2013 Heather Bort Joe Kmoch.

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1 CS4HS@MU Advocacy Session Mon. July 29, 2013 Heather Bort Joe Kmoch

2 Objectives 1.Learn Together. Network with other K-12 CS advocate leaders and have fun! Mentor and welcome new CS Advocates 2.Understand “Advocacy Space.” What are the levels/types of Advocacy and where do I fit? 3.Establish Personal Goals. What can I do? What do I want to do? Where do I want to be a year from now? 4.Develop and refine your advocacy values. Everyone should have an “elevator pitch” that articulates their beliefs and positions on CS education. 5.Build regional teams. Can cohorts with like-minded goals be established so I’m not alone? 6.Build community resources. What can I/we contribute to a repository of resources to help others? 7.Develop short-, long-term goals. What should I have done within 30-, 60-, 90- days of this workshop

3 Teacher Advocacy Space Where are you?

4 Teacher Advocacy Space Discuss: Where do you want to be?

5 Teacher Advocacy Space

6 School Level Advocacy Identify Stakeholders o Students o Teachers o Administrators o Counselors o Parents o Board of Education o Business partners

7 School Level Advocacy Tools Elevator Speech (1 to 20 minutes) o CS as a tool for teaching problems solving and logical thinking (focus on all STEM careers) Powerpoint Presentation o Lots of data/charts about CS opportunities Brochure – CS@ o courses, statistics, STEM alumni Enthusiastic Students

8 Where the STEM Jobs Will Be Projected Annual Growth of NEWLY CREATED STEM Job Openings 2010- 2020 * STEM is defined here to include non-medical occupations. Source: Jobs data are calculated from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Employment Projections 2010-2020, available at

9 Degrees and Jobs

10 Where the STEM Jobs Will Be Projected Growth of Selected STEM Jobs 2010-2020 STEM Job 2010 Total Employment % Growth 2010-2020 2011 Average Annual Salary Engineering and Architectural Managers176,8009%$129,350 Computer and Information Systems Managers307,90018%$125,660 Aerospace Engineers81,0005%5%$103,870 Software Developers, Systems and Applications913,10030%$96,250 Biochemists and Biophysicists25,10031%$87,640 Civil Engineers262,80019%$82,710 Database Administrators110,80031%$77,350 Environmental Scientists89,40019%$68,810 Chemists82,2004%4%$74,780 Anthropologists and Archeologists 6,10021%$59,040 Sources: Jobs data are from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Employment Projections 2010-2020, available at Salary data are from BLS Occupational Employment Statistics, May 2011, available at STEM is defined here to include non-medical occupations.

11 Success Stories School Level Advocacy Methods Library Showcases (Presentations) o Alumni and Current Students Guidance Counselor Presentations o During lunch in January Math Department Presentations Board of Education Presentations Applet Awards o Students and Parents

12 Your Turn In your journal, identify At least one problem or issue involving CS you are dealing with At least one success story you have experienced After 3 minutes, share and compare

13 The CSTA K–12 Computer Science Standards as an Advocacy Tool

14 Standards Echo Fundamental Beliefs We consider it critical that students be able to read and write and understand the fundamentals of math, biology, chemistry and physics. To be a well-educated citizen in today’s computing-intensive world, students must have a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of computing as well.

15 The standards represent the body of knowledge for the discipline as it applies to K-12. The CSTA K-12 CS Standards

16 New Advocacy Tools Documents that show mapping between CSTA standards and STEM Cluster Topics Common Core State Standards Partnership for 21 st Century Skills: Essentials for Success Partnership for 21 st Century Essential Skills Alignment template docs Template for aligning standards, courses, curricula Template for aligning resources How to use document Completed examples

17 Using the Tools for Advocacy How do you use the tools now? How might you use them in future?

18 Elevator Advocacy advocacy, protagonism - active support of an idea or cause etc.; especially the act of pleading or arguing for something

19 Elevator Advocacy protagonism, drumbeat - active support of an idea or cause etc.; especially the act of pleading or arguing for drumbeat - a vehement and vociferous advocacy of a cause

20 Elevator Advocacy vehement - showing strong feeling; forceful, passionate, or intense: vociferous - vehement or clamorous clamorous - noisily insistent

21 Elevator Advocacy So I am going to beat my drums and be passionate and noisily insist that others join me in support of computer science education.

22 Types of Pitch Formats Face-to-Face Pitch Tube Pitch: youtube videos, vimeo, etc Twit Pitch: twitter Blog Pitch: popular blogs, your own blog Slide Pitch: web based slide shows, SlideShare, Prezi, Animoto Document/Letter Pitch: Email/Snail Mail item

23 PitchPlan http://www.speech-topics-

24 Become a Drumbeater Find your passion and pick up your drum 1.Start to fill in you Advocacy Planning Guide – identify at least one problem for I.A. 2.Define what you think might be a solution; fill in I.B. 3.Work for the next 10-15 mins on III.B. and then 4. 4.Hook them, reel them, and bring it all home.


26 Resource Sites CSTA: http://csta.acm.org NCWIT: http://ncwit.org CS Ed Week: Computing in the Core

27 Q&A??? Presenters: Heather Bort Joe Kmoch

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