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Health and Well Being. What does Health and Wellbeing mean to you?

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1 Health and Well Being

2 What does Health and Wellbeing mean to you?

3 What is good wellbeing? Traditionally viewed as the absence of a health problem. Wellbeing actually means different things to different people. Things you might expect with good wellbeing: Being active and having energy Being able to handle everyday pressures Having a sense of purpose Having productive relationships Having a positive mind-set Feeling engaged in what you do Getting the best out of yourself

4 There are 3 main areas of wellbeing:




8 Why is good wellbeing important? Reduces the risk of many common diseases For you to feel good, be happy and enjoy life. People who describe themselves as happy live on average 7 – 10 years longer. People who describe themselves as having a good wellbeing have 26% lower risk of heart disease.

9 What Can You Do in 10 minutes to improve your heart. You’re in control- by taking ten minutes a few times a day to get active, you could change your life. See more See more If you eat a diet low in saturated fat and salt, and keep your weight in check, you’ll be less likely to develop coronary heart disease. See more Alternatively Click here

10 Stress Stress can be a major factor in Heart attacks and Stokes… don’t suffer in silence! What can you do! Walk out before you blow up. Removing yourself from the situation gives you the space to work out the best thing to do. See more See more

11 National Stress Awareness day 5th November Stress Signals Eating more or less than normal, mood swings Poor concentration Feeling tense Feeling useless Anxiety Not sleeping properly, especially waking early and not getting back to sleep Tiredness Poor memory/forgetfulness The Choices Time Out- It can be hard to be rational when you are feeling stresses, which is why it’s important to take time out Work out- Exercise really helps blow of steam and prevents stress- linked illness. Chill out- Get enough sleep as well as relaxing your mind will all help you cope with stress. Leave it out- avoid taking refuge in smoking, junk food or alcohol. Talk it out- Just talking about things that are causing you stress may help you see things in a different light.

12 Always remember, Your Health is a lifelong issue

13 Did You Know Hands-only CPR game: Stoptober on Alcohol calculator Food labelling quiz National Stress Awareness Day 5 th November stress-awareness-day-5th-november- 2014/#.VDJN5WddVWI Movember- Men's Health Did you Know You are entitled to a Free NHS health check if you’re over 40 Are you overweight?- try this simple test. Ideally your waist measurement should be ½ your height or less

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