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International Food Company Operations in 12 countries 80 + facilities 510 + company-owned farms 2,800 + contract growers 47,000 employees Sales to 36.

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2 International Food Company Operations in 12 countries 80 + facilities company-owned farms 2,800 + contract growers 47,000 employees Sales to 36 + countries 12 + strategic brands Annual sales > $12 billion

3 Our Brand Portfolio United StatesInternational

4 Food Industry Leader #1 U.S. Packaged Pork Company #1 World Pork Processor #1 World Hog Producer #1 Market share in several European countries

5 Our Mission “To be a trusted, respected and ethical food industry leader that excels at bringing delicious and nutritious meat and specialty food products to millions every day while setting industry standards for corporate social responsibility.”

6 Smithfield’s Sustainability Program ISO Certification and EMS Systems Environmental Awards Program Web-based Training Program Environmental Compliance Committee (ECC) PQA Plus® Certification Conversion to Group Housing Animal Welfare Committee Limited use of Antibiotics CO2 Stunning State-of-the-Art Facilities/ Technology Food Safety Policy Food Safety Auditing Traceability Cloning Policy Sodium Policy Employee Injury Prevention Management System (EIPMS) Corporate Management Safety Awards Human Rights Policy Learners to Leaders® Helping Hungry Homes® World Water Monitoring Day FFA Environmental and Natural Resources Award

7 Goals and Targets Goals Eliminate NOVs And Reduce Natural Resource Demand Targets 10% Reduction in Energy, Water Use, and Waste from 2008 Baseline (Normalized) By FY 2016 Goal Keep Our Animals Safe, Comfortable, And Healthy Targets Build Upon Industry Leadership TQA, PQA Certifications (Processing) PQA Plus® Cert (Production) Goals Deliver Safe, High Quality Meat Products With No Recalls Targets 100% GFSI Certification 100% USDA Process Verified Assess Nutrition Issues Like Salt Content, Obesity Goal Reduce Employee Injury Rates Targets (partial) Meet Or Beat General Industry Average Annual Audits Achieve Hourly Employee Engagement To 25% By FY 2015 Goals Food For Those In Need And Enhance Education In Our Communities Targets (partial) 1 M Servings/Year Under Helping Hungry Homes® 2 Learners To Leaders®/IOC Community Clean Ups

8 Environmental Stewardship Program Environmental Stewardship Environmental Awards Program Technology & Research Environmental enhancement grants Pollution prevention Performance tracking and continuous improvement Reduce overall footprint

9 ISO CertifiedISO14001Certified Meet a stringent set of internationally respected environmental management standards Industry first in hog production and processing AgriPlus became the first Polish operation to obtain ISO certification in 2005, with feed mills added in percent More than 95 percent of Smithfield Foods locations worldwide are now certified

10 Results Steady reduction in NOVs and fines Environmental Awards 60% --60% reduction in water use 46% --46% reduction in electricity consumption $211M --$211M net cumulative cost reductions Third party recognition and improved reputation

11 Employee Safety Program Employee Safety Corporate Management Safety Policy EIPMS Annual Conference & Awards

12 OSHA Total Case Rates vs. Meat Industry Rates ( ) Work Related Injuries and Illnesses

13 Animal Care Program—PQA+ AWMS Unified approach for animal care and food safety issues Training and on- farm assessments Random third-party audits Certification updated every three years

14 Food Safety & Quality Program Food Safety Auditing Technology & Training Food Safety Council Traceability Policy

15 National Food Safety Example: Trichinosis Increased Feed Quality Sanitation Increased Traceability Education of Public on Cooking Procedures Higher Quality Housing Systems

16 Community Involvement Feeding Hungry People Helping Hungry Homes Program 1 million servings donated each year Inspiring Hungry Minds Smithfield-Luter Foundation Scholarships Learners to Leaders Program

17 Seeing Results Sales Morale Certainty External recognition Community Support Partnerships Reduction in legal risks Millions saved

18 Smithfield Aims to Make Pork the Sustainable White Meat –, May 2, 2011 Smithfield Foods: Making Sustainability a Core Value - NAM Member Focus, May 2011 Smithfield Foods Moves Up on Newsweek’s List of Top U.S. “Green” Companies - October, 19, 2011 Claremont McKenna College Awards Smithfield Foods an A+ for its Corporate Sustainability Report -August 22,2011 Smithfield Foods Invites Conversation With Launch of New Website –November 1, 2011 Seeing Results

19 Claremont McKenna College FTSE4Good International Index Fortune Most Admired Companies McDonald’s Supplier Sustainability Award Trust Across America’s Most Trustworthy Company Meatingplace Knowlton Award

20 Where To Go From Here? Addition of 6 th Pillar—Economics New Targets in Existing Pillars: 20 Add: 10% GHG Reduction 1 Zero Waste Facility By 2018 A Minimum Of 1 New Packaging Reduction Success/Year/IOC Supplier Engagement Add: 30% Pen Housing Conversion by 2011 Add: Focus on Health and Nutrition Add: Focus on Health and Nutrition Add: Focus on Health and Nutrition Develop A Policy Focused On Variety To Suit Needs And Lifestyles Each IOC To Develop Health And Wellness Program for Employees Each IOC To Sponsor Programs Aimed At Creating A Health And Wellness Culture In Our Communities Health & Nutrition Program Targets

21 Improving Transparency CSR Report:Social Media: New Summary Report New web-based detailed report First-time IOC Reports 2012– integrated 10k ,000+ YouTube views Active dialogue during crisis New CSR site provides real-time web updating Videos depicting real farm activities

22 Social Media

23 Think Big. Think Differently. Think like EPA Think like an animal lover Think like a neighbor Think like someone who has never been on a farm Think like a customer Think like a philosopher Think like a consumer


25 Let’s have a conversation… Contact me at:

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