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Simulation Business Models

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1 Simulation Business Models
Haru Okuda, MD, FACEP National Medical Director, SimLEARN Veterans Health Administration

2 Disclosures No financial interest or relationships to disclose.

3 SimLEARN Background Mission & Vision Who We Serve
Governance & Organizational Chart SimLEARN Program Overview Challenges Outcomes

4 SimLEARN Background In July, 2009, the VA Under Secretary for Health approved the establishment of the Simulation Learning Education and Research Network (SimLEARN). SimLEARN is a national simulation training, education and research program which will develop the strategic vision and system-wide plan for simulation process modeling, training, education and research for VHA. National program includes the establishment of a National Center

To promote excellence in health care provided to America's Veterans through the use of simulation technologies for process modeling, training, education, and research and to establish VHA as the world leader in the application of simulation based strategies. VISION To improve the quality of health care services for America’s Veterans through the application of simulation based learning strategies to workforce development.

6 Who We Serve Who we are Care we provide Veterans we serve
262,000 staff 1400+ care sites in 21 Regions Care we provide Hospital, outpatient clinic, nursing home, counseling center Veterans we serve 2.8 million enrolled, 11% women

7 Who We Serve 122/153 VAMC’s and 2 Outpatient Clinics have affiliation agreements with 109/131 allopathic and 16/25 osteopathic medical schools Over 40 other health professions are represented by affiliation agreements with more than 1,200 colleges and universities, in over 5,000 individual programs Over 110,000 trainees rotate through VA annually 7

8 Who We Serve Medicine Dentistry Associated Health 160 advanced fellows
Over 20,000 medical students Dentistry 614 dental residents 666 dental students Associated Health 33,000+ nursing students 23,000+ other associated health 160 advanced fellows 8

9 Veterans Health Administration

10 SimLEARN National Program
Develop National Polices, Procedures and Standards IRB, Use of Expired Medications, Video Policy, etc. Develop National VHA Curricula & Programs OOORAM REdI (Resuscitation Education Initiative) New Hospital Activation Training Train the Trainer Simulation Training Invasive and High Risk Procedural Training

11 SimLEARN National Program
Field Coordination (VISN and Medical Centers) VISN Simulation Champions Simulation Field Advisory Committees External and Internal Collaboration Simulation Equipment Evaluation, Procurement, and Distribution Interagency Agreement with U.S. Army PEO-STRI for Acquisition

12 SimLEARN National Program
Communication VHA Simulation Leadership Conference Annual VA Simulation Conference at the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) SimLEARN Website SimLEARN Quarterly Newsletter Monthly Community of Practice Call Intranet Site Baseline Study of “As Is” state

13 Curricular Development
Identification of Need Simulation Field Advisory Committee National Office (NCPS, OMLA, etc.) Quality or Safety Priority Assess Existing Policies and Directives Develop Goals and Objectives Gap Analysis Assess Literature & Existing Simulation Curricula Collaborative approach (Internal, External) Apply SimLEARN Healthcare Simulation Lifecycle Model

14 Challenges Communication Capacity Geography Data Measures (Value)
Field (Medical Centers & VISN) Central Office Buy in Capacity Local Simulation Infrastructure Balancing Resources with Value Learner Volume and Stakeholders Geography Data Measures (Value)


16 Outcomes Veteran Learner Organizational
Veteran centered safe, quality care Improved clinical outcomes Reduced mortality and morbidity Improved quality of life Learner Improve or acquire new skills Teamwork and communication Organizational VA as a leader in healthcare simulation Improved national clinical outcomes (data)


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