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Marquee Productions Annual Meeting.

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1 Marquee Productions Annual Meeting

2 Agenda Review of Goals Expenses Technology Resources Future Goals

3 Review of Goals Overview of Goals Completed Goals Goals Remaining

4 Resources Employees Buildings Equipment Site Locations
Support Services Production Sales

5 Financial Real Estate Taxes Management Fees Revenue Profit Expenses
Forecast/Actual Gross Margin Profit Expenses

6 Future Goals Projects: Film and Television Company Expansion
Chris Greenbaum Company Expansion Shannon Grey Building Construction Ron Sugiyama Employee Hiring Emmanuelle Rey

7 Technology Current Technology Future Technological Requirements
Hardware Software Technical Support

8 Expenses Production Sales and Marketing General Administration Payroll

9 Proposals Proposal 1: Approval of construction to expand the production facility Proposal 2: Amendment of restated Certificate of Incorporation to increase the number of authorized shares Proposal 3: Approval of the employee hiring plan

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