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Johannes Brodwall Exilesoft

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1 Johannes Brodwall Exilesoft
Java Apocalypse now! Johannes Brodwall Exilesoft

2 Nå jobber han for IT bransjen i Sri Lanka.
Etter 15 års erfaring fra IT bransjen i Norge, innså Johannes Brodwall: “Det er immari kaldt her!” Nå jobber han for IT bransjen i Sri Lanka. Men er fortsatt mest i kalde Norge.

3 I love the smell of XML in the morning. It smells like… victory.

4 Prelude:

5 Where are the Java projects going?

6 Maybe it is just me… … but customers: “Java = meh” … and I surprised myself by agreeing

7 Java is my favorite language, but… … Oracle is ruining it … JBoss is ruining it … SpringSource is ruining it … you guys are ruining it

8 «Don’t reinvent the wheel» - «Everywhere», 20XX by Everyone


10 Part I:

11 The nightmare

12 XML APIs gone wild

13 A simple XML file

14 Parsing with DOM


16 Whops – right this time!


18 But the file may vary

19 And the Java gets… worse

20 And worse

21 Making it worse

22 I know! Let’s use JAXB!


24 Just need to deal with this null pointer…


26 And this other one…



29 But wait – they didn’t follow the XSD!

30 (Of course they didn’t)


32 And we need to map it to a domain object


34 There must be a tool for that!


36 Running away

37 The Java EE software development process

38 Exception Google Stack overflow Tweak Deploy Waaaaait Poke

39 Those that get it JavaScript Ruby Python Clojure? Those that don’t
Scala JSF Groovy Clojure? “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” - George Santayana

40 Are you using technology to solve your problems?

41 Or so that you don’t have to face your problems?

42 … yet

43 Part II:

44 The dream

45 Java’s greatest gift The IDE




49 “I can see how TDD works for toy examples…”

50 “… but how can we use it when we have all these really complicated technologies???”

51 I think I see your problem right here...)
(Hint: “all these complicated technologies” I think I see your problem right here...)

52 How to make real problems more like toy problems?

53 (Tip: Not by getting more toys)

54 He who gives up compilation time for refactoring menu options deserves neither - Benjamin Franklin

55 Less magic!

56 Parsing a file


58 Oh, that could be null!


60 Mapping to a domain object


62 A SOAP service is just a retarded REST service


64 Part III:

65 The road to a better place

66 A better framework

67 No calculator until…

68 Don’t use a framework you couldn’t have written yourself

69 “But what about transactions?”

70 “We need an annotation for that!”


72 Have you ever misconfigured @Transaction?

73 Three lines of magic!



76 Three lines of magic! plain Java

77 You can replace AOP with three lines of plain Java

78 A better application server

79 You probably just need to listen to HTTP requests




83 Better templates




87 Eaxy is not meant for public consumption

88 Just to show that Java EE solves wrong problem





93 Just to show that Java EE solves wrong problem



96 Epilogue:

97 I don’t really mean it, do I?

98 Frameworks solve 80% of the job…

99 … and makes the rest 10 times as hard

100 “Why did Hibernate suddenly slow down?”

101 “How do I make JBoss behave the way I want?”

102 “How do I implement a custom SOAP header with JAX-WS?”

103 “Why did my dependencies not inject?”

104 “How do I do anything with Spring”

105 “Java EE is a path to the dark side. Java EE leads to anger
“Java EE is a path to the dark side. Java EE leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to … suffering” - Yoda

106 Thank you

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