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Coming alongside PP Camp 2014 Theme: Coming Alongside.

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1 Coming alongside PP Camp 2014 Theme: Coming Alongside

2 COMING ALONGSIDE My defining moments 1. My brother, Henry Lee- cancer in 2004. 2. My sister in law- Betty Pang - kidney cancer in 2004. 3. My late mum in hospital. Who come alongside Deacon KC & Irene visited him in hospital. Mee Geok visited him at home. Woon Ching & Catherine Leow studied the bible with her. Mee Geok & care team visited her just before she passed on. Belinda & many members visited and prayed including Eric & Li Li. Spiritual impact God’s care & love for us. God provides people to comfort and pray. God does not forsake us. He is 24/7. Pang Foon Yoong

3 PP Camp 2014 Theme: Coming Alongside COMING ALONGSIDE My defining moments My wife was diagnosed with 4th stage cancer. Who come alongside Members of my family especially you & Stella came alongside me in my time of need. Spiritual impact I prayed that my wife would not have to suffer much. God does answer my prayer. She didn’t really suffer much, except for difficulty in breathing. My defining moments When I was doing my assignment. Who come alongside My team mates. Spiritual impact Luckily I had them, feeling so happy that I can finish on time. Chee Chong

4 PP Camp 2014 Theme: Coming Alongside COMING ALONGSIDE My defining moments Disappointment in church, feeling lonely & helpless, feeling to walk away from God. Who come alongside A brother brings me to another church & I am encouraged by the word of God. Spiritual impact I have strengthened my faith & continue to search Him & feel the love from Him only. Not stopping to study His word and nonstop depending on Him. My defining moments Missing my flight back from Austria on the last day. Arrived at 6.55pm, boarding gate was 6.35pm, flight 7.20pm. Who come alongside Staff at the counter + Fin air staff. Spiritual impact Saved Sigh of relief Thank God for kind people.

5 PP Camp 2014 Theme: Coming Alongside COMING ALONGSIDE My defining moments When I had problem with my marriage 10 years ago, I was depressed and stressed. Few years ago, when I went through my divorce, I was distressed and lonely and troubled. Who come alongside My neighbour, Lay Hoon, came alongside and she brought me to Christ again. Roland Wee came alongside and brought me to PP church. Since then, many in PP church came alongside with me especially my care team. Spiritual impact I recognise the importance of God in my life again. Walk with God brought peace to me especially when I feel lonely and depressed. My defining moments Time of distress, worries & have no solutions to problems. TO GOD BE THE GLORY - GREAT Who come alongside God came along through His word, the bible Psalms 112. THINGS HE HAD DONE1 Spiritual impact Strengthen my faith in God.

6 PP Camp 2014 Theme: Coming Alongside COMING ALONGSIDE My defining moments I was at my lowest point of life when I was not a church goer. Who come alongside Her gentleness and kindness sought my attention. She pursues me with her friendship for more than a year. Her birthday gift to me is a bible and an invitation to church brought Christ into my life. Spiritual impact I found love and peace, I am no longer angry but find happiness in many things. She continues to walk alongside me for another 2-3 years. I remember her saying : A Christian ‘s job does not end with baptizing a person but to continue showing her the way of the Lord till that person is able to baptize another. Since then, I have been walking this way. Judy

7 PP Camp 2014 Theme: Coming Alongside COMING ALONGSIDE My defining moments After my baptism, my decision to study more about God. Who come alongside The Christians from Four Seas College - their examples. Spiritual impact Decided to study God’s word full time at college. My defining moments When I had a critical disease in September 2013. Who come alongside My wife raised money for my medical bill on the streets with her students. Many brothers and sisters came to the hospital to pray for me, and supported me financially, Spiritual impact Value my marriage, be the light of the world. All Christians are parts of the body of Christ, one suffers, and others help. Mark Zhu

8 PP Camp 2014 Theme: Coming Alongside COMING ALONGSIDE My defining moments Father’s death bed. Who come alongside Belinda was with me when my father draws his last breath. She was with me even as I claimed my father’s body. Spiritual impact Encouraged me that we are one in the Lord even though she is not part of my biological family. Hedy My defining moments Last food delivery service, brother Johnson & Lawrence in our team and I was wondering how are they gonna be of help to the Chinese elderly. There will be a communication problem. Who come alongside But God showed me He is in control. Johnson shared the gospel to an English speaking elder lady and prayed for her ailing husband. Spiritual impact Glory to God!

9 PP Camp 2014 Theme: Coming Alongside COMING ALONGSIDE Thank you PPCOC for giving this opportunity in expressing my gratitude for the wonderful works of your church members who have so humbly in giving so much help in encouraging and sustaining my walk with Jesus. Lew Chin Woon My defining moments Just to be a plain and silent member of the church or to be an active leader. Who come alongside My girlfriend at that time who is now my wife who pushed me to get involved and become an active leader. Spiritual impact It helps me to prepare and gain more experiences.

10 PP Camp 2014 Theme: Coming Alongside COMING ALONGSIDE My defining moments During 1967, bro Henry and sister Nat have always alongside with me. I was only 15 years old then. We went house to house, visitation, benevolence etc. I always treasured them as godly mentors. Who come alongside Bros James Lim, Tan Teck Su have been my comforter / encourager as they came alongside during my personal troubles. Spiritual impact Thank you all who also have been along side with me. Allan Cheng Thanks God for His mercy & grace. Thanks the leaders, elders, deacons, members and the medical team who have come alongside me and my family since September 2010. Many have sacrificed much time and effort to minister to us. Your acts of storing treasures in heaven have helped us to go through this rough patch with much encouragement. Thanks be to God and all the brethren. With much gratitude, Mee Hoe & family

11 PP Camp 2014 Theme: Coming Alongside COMING ALONGSIDE My defining moments When I discovered I had cancer at the time when my sister was dying of cancer at the same time. Who come alongside Many brothers and sisters came alongside in that situation but ultimately, it was God who took me through that difficult journey. Spiritual impact He caused me to stop what I was busy doing, and listen to God and submit to His will. He has strengthen my faith as I experienced how God has answered each and every one of my prayers. Through all this, I believe that my family has been strengthened through this trial, I hope that we can be an encouragement to the church, as we run this race together. TO GOD BE THE GLORY1

12 PP Camp 2014 Theme: Coming Alongside COMING ALONGSIDE My defining moments When I decided to take up the role of EXCO (executive committee member) in my school‘s student council, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy and I thought I was prepared but it turned out I wasn’t. My strong passion for serving quickly died down. I felt I wasn’t in a student led organization, I was under dictatorship. I feel as though I was working as an adult in a secular society. I stayed up late, did council work even on Saturdays & Sundays and the teachers in charge of council constantly told me I wasn’t doing enough etc. I wasn’t paid mind you! This led to many sleepless nights and my emotions were all over the place. Council took up so much of my time that I didn’t have time to focus on my studies. I really felt burnt out, exhausted and upset. Like - where was God when I needed Him? Who come alongside I was spiritually down at the pit but these people were my pillars of strength : Dad ( Swee Aun) & mum ( Lai Fun) : They were my listeners, my advisers and my comfort. Through their love & their prayers I knew God was always there for me even though I can’t see Him physically. Brother (John) - we prayed together every morning ( before we go about the day, during meals, whenever we felt it was necessary and before we sleep. ) Spiritual impact I learnt that though I may be wandering in the desert, struggling and all, God was there was there for me. He was listening to me and cushioning my falls. He has never forsaken me. All I had to do was to call out to Him. “Look at the birds of the air, they neither sow or reap nor gather into barns and yet your Heavenly Father keeps feeding them. Are you not worth much more than they?” Matthew 6:26 Christine Lim

13 PP Camp 2014 Theme: Coming Alongside COMING ALONGSIDE I want to thank the camp organizers, all those who work quietly behind. To make this a happening camp. We all need these spiritual uplifting moments every now and then to keep us charged up and pick up our complacent life and be close with God. Thank God for every leader, elder and those members who have come alongside me all these years. God bless your great work, Peggy Phua If I could live my life in 1 month, I can pray without ceasing and fellowship I can walk with the Lord. How Enoch lived. I can tell the gospel as many as possible. I can save the people as many as possible. Every day, I see one friend in the paper shop and tell the gospel to him. He was not listening. One day, he was admitted in the hospital for appendicitis operation. I stayed with him and shared the good news and he finally obeyed the gospel. I was praying for my parents - Pentecostal believers. They had seen my life with God and obeyed the gospel. R. Henry Yosva- Mumbai India

14 PP Camp 2014 Theme: Coming Alongside COMING ALONGSIDE H eart circumcision: I confessed my desire to surrender my life to Christ at an Easter service of FCBC Benny Wong invited me. While I recognized this was not the scripturally prescribed way of coming to Christ; it was an important step which circumcised my heart. September 11 2001 : The results resulted in me turning my back on the world & submitting in obedience to Jesus in baptism. Iris Leow brought me to PPCOC & Swee Aun & Terry Wan taught Foundation class which emphasizes the place of baptism in obedience. 2006- Youth mission to Tuao : My desire to expose my children to the love & power of the living God caused me to volunteer to lead this group. Henry & the PP leaders permitted me to take the lead. God revealed Himself in amazing ways to the youths & me. 2008- Couples retreat : A brother confessed wanting to do better as a husband & I felt his burden to pray for his resolve. As elders were invited to pray for him, I stepped forward with a desire to join my heart’s desire with the elders. That revealed my heart for the ‘flock’ & lead to my installation as elder.

15 PP Camp 2014 Theme: Coming Alongside COMING ALONGSIDE My defining moments In 1969, I was studying in Four Seas College, went back home at end of semester holidays, father died of heart attack the night I reached home. All blame was on me because I became a Christian and went to study Bible against his wish. It was difficult for my young faith at the time. I decided to quit studying and even being a Christian! Who come alongside Don Green- the one who taught and baptized me talked to me and encourages me patiently. His wife, Ann, talked to me too. Bro Hogan, the president of Four Seas College wrote and sent me a small chegue, my bus fare to go back to Singapore. Spiritual impact After considering all the encouragement and counseling from these people, I finally gather enough of faith to go back for my theological studies. I am what I am because these people came alongside of me and lifted me when I was real low spiritually and in faith as well. To God be the glory!

16 PP Camp 2014 Theme: Coming Alongside COMING ALONGSIDE My defining moments It was after my operation for my fractured nose (as I was attacked by 4 robbers) that I did question why did this happened to me. Who come alongside Many at PP came alongside me. Bro Peter and sister Sindy was at my bed side when I came out of the operating theater even before my daughter arrived from K.L. Bro Li Chhoan, sister Wai Leng, & bro Beng Chuan visited me at my home in J.B. Winston called and prayed with me over the phone. Sister Irene & KC visited me when I went up to KL to recuperate. Thank you very much for all who called to show concern. Spiritual impact Praise God! That my faith was strengthen! To God be the glory! Phyllis Ng

17 PP Camp 2014 Theme: Coming Alongside COMING ALONGSIDE 1998 2 nd May - I was baptized- that was my first moment. Later I met bro Jim Waldoon from USA 2003- 2005. He came alongside me in my life, for the biblical studies - that is my great turning point in my life. Before end of my course, I was appointed as teacher in the Bible College. Later December, 2005. I was appointed as field worker in establishing new churches near the sea shore of tsunami affected areas. By the grace of God, now it was developed with churches having minimum 80 members and they have their bible training program up to August 2009, I work with these missionaries. During the month of May 2009 COC at Mumbai invited me to teach the book of James. That impress the congregation. Later I was appointed full time minister in Dharani COC. Still now, I am working with that congregation progress with 40+ members. ‘ To God be the glory’ And my focus within next 3 years, we plan to appoint elders & deacons. I need prayer support. Surely, I do strongly trust God that He will bless our work and He will fulfil the goal. In Him, K Johnson Mumbai, India

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