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The Future Role and Shape of DCLG – Outcome of Deputy Director Selection Exercise Sir Bob Kerslake 31 March 2011.

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1 The Future Role and Shape of DCLG – Outcome of Deputy Director Selection Exercise Sir Bob Kerslake 31 March 2011

2 The Deputy Director Selection Process
Reminder: where we are: The Deputy Director selection exercise was launched on 19 January The commitment was made that outcomes would be announced in late March- early April The selection criteria and process were designed specifically for Deputy Directors and reflected experience/feedback from the Director selection The quality of applications was high The feedback and experience of the DD selection process has been used to develop the below SCS selection process

3 Voluntary leavers Some colleagues have chosen to leave the Department voluntarily. The date of departure will vary. Michelle Banks* Peter Matthew* Liz Barnard Daniel Monnery Sandy Bishop Andrew Morrison* Henry Cleary* Bert Provan Helen Colchester Cath Reynolds Pamela Conlon* Ruback* Fiona Gough* David Smith* Meg Green Stephen Stringer* Richard Greenhous* Sarah Sturrock* John Jarvis Ciara Wells Wendy Kevin Williamson* Lloyd Sylvia Yates Marr Rachel Arrundale * denotes those that have agreed later exit dates to fill roles temporarily to assist the department’s transition to the new structure

4 Permanent appointments
Those taking up permanent appointments are: Jenny Ashby Denise Fowler James Neilson Matthew Bailes Cathy Francis Steve Quartermain Blake David Fry Sally Randall Julian Bowrey Daniel Greaves Mike Reed Mark Burch Jessie Hamshar Paul Rowsell Nick Burkitt Richard Harries Vanessa Scarborough Julie Carney Jenan Hasan Rosie Seymour Chamberlain Hill Lorraine Shepherd Jane Cockerill Stuart Hoggan Chris Smith Claire Cooper Steph Hurst Ruth Stanier Shehla Husain Stubbs Terry Crossley Andrew Kean Tom Surrey Cruddas Joanna Key Carol Sweetenham Culver Julia Kinniburgh Todorovic Dexter Bob Ledsome Walker Janet Dougharty Andrea Lee Wechsler Downie Morris Elizabeth Whatmore Graham Duncan Alastair Murray Katy Willison Dawn Eastmead Hulya Mustafa Roger Wilshaw Everton Michael Winders

5 DD roles Localism Localism – David Prout Decentralisation Strategy
Decentralisation and Big Society - Mark Carroll Local Govt Policy and Productivity - Lucy Makinson Decentralisation Strategy Tom Walker Big Society Policy Hulya Mustafa LG strategy Julia Kinniburgh Vanessa Scarborough Transparency & Accountability Shehla Husain Place Based Productivity Nick Dexter Big Society Barrier Busting Claire Cooper Integration David Hill Democracy Paul Rowsell Productivity & Service Transformation Rosie Seymour Audit Commission Closure Julie Carney Local Govt Finance - Simon Ridley Fire, Resilience and Emergencies - Neil O’Connor Pay & Pensions Terry Crossley Business Rates & Valuation Katy Willison Jessie Hamshar Fire Programmes Jane Cockerill Resilience & Emergencies Management James Cruddas Future of FireControl Roger Hargreaves Strategy, Revenue & Capital Jane Todorovic Data Collection, Analysis and Accountancy Janet Dougharty National Fire Policy Dawn Eastmead Fire Policy Andrew Morrison

6 DD roles Neighbourhoods
Neighbourhoods Richard McCarthy Housing Growth and Affordable Housing - Terrie Alafat Homelessness & Support, Building standards and climate Change - Jon Bright Housing Markets & Supply Dan Greaves AH regulation & investment Graham Duncan AH Management & Standards Paul Downie Welfare Benefits Jenny Ashby Homelessness & Support Roger Wilshaw Climate Change & Existing Buildings Peter Matthew Private Rented Homes & Empty Homes Sally Randall Transitional Special Projects Henry Cleary HCA Transition & TSA Closure Kevin Williamson Building Regs & Standards Bob Ledsome Decent Homes & HRA Reform Peter Ruback Local Economies, Regeneration and Europeans Programmes - Philip Cox Planning - Shona Dunn Regeneration Strategy & Policy David Morris Regeneration Implementation Cathy Francis ERDF Delivery Carol Sweetenham Chief Planner Steve Quartermain Economy & Social Planning Policy Ruth Stainer Development Plans Jane Everton Olympics & Legacy Stephen Stringer Regeneration Implementation (additional project support) Fiona Gough RDA closure Stuart Hoggan Development Management Michelle Banks Environment Stephanie Hurst PINS, IPC & Infrastructure Jenan Hasan Neighbourhoods Analysis – Paul Chamberlain

7 DD roles Finance and Corporate Services 1
Finance and Corporate Services – David Rossington PC&C - Shirley Pointer/Keith Palmer Finance - Stephen Park Accounting & Control Vacant Procurement Andrew Culver Business Partnering Chris Smith Restructuring Mark Burch Resourcing & Business Relationships Tom Wechsler Policy & Programme Management Andrew Kean Estates Management Andy Mills* Knowledge Management David Smith Chief Information Officer (IT) Vacant Efficiency, Shared Services & ALB Reform Tom Surrey Audit - Jon Whitfield* Communications - George Eykyn Internal Audit Mike Reed External Communications Michael Winders Corporate Communications Julian Bowrey * Service shared with other Departments

8 DD roles Finance and Corporate Services 2
Finance and Corporate Services David Rossington Lega l- Susanna McGibbon GO & ERDF - Brian Hackland Decentralisation & Local Govt Matthew Stubbs Housing James Neilson Planning (& Fire) Denise Fowler GO Policy Richard Greenhous GO Implementation Stuart MacDonald ERDF Lorraine Sheperd Regeneration & Commercial Matters Cathy Cooper Resource Review Localism Bill & Audit Commission Pamela Conlon Analysis & Innovation - Stephen Aldridge Ministerial (DD led) Innovation Richard Harries Strategic Analysis Andrea Lee Strategic Statistics David Fry* PPS (Ongoing selection Process) * Also head of profession for statistics

9 DD roles Strategy and Programme Team
Strategy and Programme Team - Andrew Campbell Corporate Performance Management Elizabeth Whatmore Strategy 1 Joanna Key Strategy 2 Sarah Sturrock Strategy 3 Nick Burkitt Localism Bill Alastair Murray Deputy Directors on outward secondment On Secondment (to be deployed on return) Mathew Bailes On Secondment (to be deployed on return) James Blake

10 Next Steps Deputy Directors will take up their new assignments from 3 May and will be accountable for their new roles from that date. Colleagues also have a vital role in achieving an orderly handover including: Supporting colleagues in handing over current responsibilities; Communicating changes to external partners; and Ensuring that information is updated on supporting systems (such as PIMs and the staff directory). All PMRs must be completed by the end of April

11 Conclusion Another important milestone reached
Change programme is on track -focus now is on supporting and leading our teams through the below SCS selection exercise and into the new DCLG. Thank you to all involved for the very professional way in which you have handled a difficult process.

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