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IMPACT ~ Breach Formation (WP2) Overview of Breach Work Programme.

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1 IMPACT ~ Breach Formation (WP2) Overview of Breach Work Programme

2 IMPACT - WP2Breach Formation Summary The Problem to be Solved / Deliverables Overall Approach Current situation Future programme

3 Breach Formation The Problem to be Solved / Deliverables The Current Position: Lack of reliable, accurate, user friendly tools for end users (flood defence / risk management) Lack of reliable data for model development / validation Lack of understanding of fundamental processes Lack of methodology / tool for location prediction

4 Breach Formation The Problem to be Solved Problem to solve: The reliable prediction of breach formation (and hence potential: –flood hydrograph / flood risk –breach size An approach to identifying potential breach location

5 Breach Formation The Approach The overall approach entails combining large scale field work, lab work and numerical model development / application. 5-6m embankments1:10 scale embankments Multi-partner Multi-model Field Modelling Lab Modelling Numerical Modelling Desk / Data Analysis for Breach Location

6 Breach Formation Deliverables Deliverables: Field and lab data on breach formation –different geometries & materials Comparison and development of breach models various partner models model interface for direct comparison commercial products Methodology / tool for identifying potential breach location

7 Breach Formation Direction: Analysis of this data permits: Assessment of scaling differences between field and lab data Comparison of controlled test results against observed field data Objective performance assessment of multiple numerical models predicting breach formation Base data for validation and model development

8 Breach Formation Progress so far: Now 10 months into a 36 month programme: Field test programme underway –Field Test#1 today –3 tests in 2002; 2 tests in 2003 Lab test programme underway –Approx. 5/25 tests undertaken –9 tests in 2002; 16 tests in 2003 Numerical modelling commenced –Field Tests #1 & #2 released –Further tests for 2002 and 2003

9 Breach Formation ~ Numerical Modelling The Theory... Assemble a team of breach modellers within IMPACT Expand the team with any interested organisations world-wide Release test case data periodically (prior to field and lab tests) Collate modelling results for comparison through common ‘interface’ Only release field and lab data to modelling participants, and after numerical modelling results have been submitted

10 Breach Formation ~ Numerical Modelling The Practice (so far)... Modelling data for Num Tests#1/#2: IMPACT team members: –Cemagref (France) –HR Wallingford (UK) –Universität der Bundeswehr München (Germany) Additional organisations: –USDA-ARS (US) –Delft Hydraulics (Holland) –Foster Wheeler Environmental Corp. (US) –Lawson & Treloar Pty Ltd (Australia) –USBR (Tony Wahl - peak discharge eqns) (US)

11 Breach Formation ~ Numerical Modelling The Practice (so far)... Potential participation / data submission: –Electricite de France (EDF) (France) –TU Delft (Holland) –University of Leige (Belgium) –Finnish Environment Institute (Finland) –USBR (Ted Yang) (US) –UCL (Belgium) –IST (Portugal) –King Mongkut's University of Technology (Thailand) –Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal (Canada)

12 Breach Formation ~ Numerical Modelling Numerical Modelling Test Cases Two test cases have been released so far: NumTest#1 = Field Test#1 NumTest#2 = Field Test#2 Additional test cases will be released after this workshop, including: NumTest#3 = Field Test#3 NumTest lab variations –Soil grading variations –Geometry variation –Breach position variation

13 Breach Formation ~ Numerical Modelling But, for now... Mohamad Hassan will review results for NumTest#1 now (prior to field visit) NumTest#2 tomorrow morning

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