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ECOLOGY The study of interactions of organisms and their environment.

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2 ECOLOGY The study of interactions of organisms and their environment

3 Levels of Organization Individual Organisms (Species) Populations Communities Ecosystems Biosphere

4 Organisms/Species A human (Homo sapien) Deer Piranaha Worm Bigfoot?

5 Populations Same species living in same area Species? -can breed and produce offspring that can have babies

6 Communities Coral Reef Cedar swamp Vernal pool

7 Ecosystems Tropical rainforest Desert Temperate deciduous forest (ours) Ponds Coral reef

8 Biosphere

9 Physical Conditions ABIOTIC - non-living Sunlight Water Temperature Soil Wind Disturbance BIOTIC - living things Bacteria Protists Fungus Plants Animals

10 PRODUCER - an organism that makes its own food (autotroph) - becomes food for other organisms.

11 CONSUMER - organism that obtains food by eating others (producers or other consumers)

12 DECOMPOSER - organism that breaks down wastes and dead organisms

13 HERBIVORE - consumer that eats only producers.

14 OMNIVORE - consumer that eats both producers and consumers (plants, fungi, and meat)

15 CARNIVORE - consumer that eats only other consumers (exclusively meat-eaters)

16 FOOD CHAIN - pathway of food transfer from one trophic level to another.

17 FOOD WEB -pattern of feeding in an ecosystem consisting of interconnected and branching food chains

18 Energy Pyramid

19 Primary Succession The development of brand new land – (volcano created new land)

20 Secondary Succession A once established forest is destroyed and has to start growth over. For example a forest fire

21 Mutualism Both species benefit

22 Commensalism One species benefits the other gets nothing 

23 Parasitism One species harms another  Think parasite

24 Predation Predator Prey – One eats the other

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