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Vietnam War ch25.

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1 Vietnam War ch25

2 Vietnam

3 Rule of ‘Nam 1800’2  WWII France WWII Japan WWII  France

4 Ho Chi Minh Communist Revolutionary
Fought to free Vietnam before WWII against France Fought Japanese in WWII Wanted to make Vietnam an Independent Communist country

5 Guerilla Warfare North Vietnamese & Vietcong used against France and later US Vietnam was largely jungle territory War fighters used traps, the terrain, & blended in to the civilian population Made it difficult to know who you were fighting against

6 French Fall 1954 French pulled out of Vietnam
Vietnam was temporarily split in half at the 17th parallel North was Communist, South was Anti-Communist US stepped in and backed the South Vietnam War was fought to stop the spread of Communism

7 Escalation In the early 1960’s the US was sending thousands of “military advisors” to aid the South Vietnamese US backed South JFK was killed in 1963, leaving LBJ to deal with ‘Nam In 1964 Vietnamese torpedoed US ships in the Gulf of Tonkin (those US ships were aiding the South’s military actions) Gulf of Tonkin Resolution gave LBJ war powers LBJ expanded US in Vietnam with Operation Rolling Thunder (hence the movie called “Tropic Thunder”)

8 War US fought limited war  stop spread of Communism
Had to identify enemy before they could fight Guerilla Warfare Vietcong & North Vietnamese fought on their own soil Had more to fight for US casualties grew from 65  68 and peaked in 1968

9 War War peaked in 1968 with the Tet Offensive
Tet Offensive: Vietcong attacked basically every US base in Vietnam, US was driven back, recovered weeks later and drove out Vietcong After Tet US found that Vietcong had executed thousands of civilians North Vietnamese were noted for having terrorized and slaughtered their own people in the North

10 Tet Offensive

11 Draft US implemented a draft during ‘Nam
Later into the war the draft became a Lottery Lottery is when people were given a number and had to go fight when their number was called Many people fled to Canada to avoid going to war, or just refused to serve and went to jail Others were not passed medically, but most went Draft caused a lot of uproar in society

12 Protest Vietnam war took place during the 60’s & 70’s which was a time of great cultural unrest Hippie movement, Women’s liberation, Civil Rights movement– everybody had a “cause” Vietnam was also the first “televised war” –for the first time people actually saw the atrocities of war 1963- Buddhist monk set himself on fire to protest S. Vietnam Government 1967-young men burned Draft Cards 1970- Kent State Massacre Tons of smaller protests

13 Kent State

14 Burning Monk

15 Draft Cards

16 Nixon & ‘Nam Nixon was elected in 1968 after LBJ Re-elected in 1972
Promised to end the Vietnam War Re-elected in 1972 Ended war in 1973 Resigned after Watergate in 1974

17 End of the War December 1972 US bombed North Vietnam for 12 days straight Only pause in bombing was Christmas  became known as the “Christmas Bombing” January 1973 (1 month later) Agreement was signed to end the war 1975 North invaded South  South fell under Communist rule

18 POW/MIA Many troops either went missing or were taken prisoner
Captured POW’s often lived through terrible treatment After war the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was built Long wall of names


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