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Welcome to 8 TH grade DMS U.S. History Unit 2 Review.

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1 Welcome to 8 TH grade DMS U.S. History Unit 2 Review

2 What principles of the Virginia House of Burgesses contributed to the growth of representative government? Representatives were elected by the people.3b

3 The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut were important in the development of representative government for what reasons? It made Connecticut more democratic.3b

4 The Mayflower Compact gave us what idea important to representative government? Self government.3b

5 The Great Awakening had what kind of effect on colonial society? Encouraged individuals to exercise their own judgement.3c

6 The Toleration Act introduced what principles to the idea of representative government? Religious rights.3c

7 What was a common characteristic among colonial religious groups? Promoted self- government.3c

8 .3b What were important influences on the U.S. Constitution? Fundamental Orders of Connecticut Virginia House of Burgesses Mayflower Compact

9 What work by Benjamin Franklin influenced American Literature? Poor Richards Almanac.27A

10 What affected the population distribution of the colonies? Appalachain Mountains were a barrier to western settlement.12A

11 What geographical feature helped New York, Boston, Philadelphia & Charleston grow economically? They were major sea ports..12a

12 Southern.12a The colonial region that was best for large scale agriculture was?

13 Why did many colonists settle in the Mid- Atlantic and southern colonies? To farm tobacco.13a

14 Why did the plantation system and slave trade occur during the colonial era? 1. Number of indentured servants declined 2. Cotton gin invented 3.Availabilty of low wage earners.13b

15 What was the most important effect of the free enterprise system on 18 th century Colonial America? Innovations and inventions.15B

16 Private Property Voluntary Exchange Profit Motive Supply and Demand What do these best describe? Free Enterprise System.15B

17 Why did people want to live in William Penn’s colony? Religious Freedom.21A

18 Put these in order from earliest to latest. 1. 1 st Great Awakening 2. Quaker colony established in Pennsylvania 3. Toleration Act 4. Rhode Island established 4, 2, 3, 1.26a

19 French trappers and traders in forest areas an along rivers. Most of the colonies on the eastern coast were mainly English, but other immigrant groups also developed the area. Who were they and what was their economy based on?.12c

20 Read about Jonathon Edwards, 1741 He led an increased number of people to the Protestant faith.26b ~ explore pages 110 - 112 ~

21 What is the theory that a nation must protect and increase its home economy by keeping strict control over trade and having a favorable balance of trade?.31a mercantilism

22 How did a “ market economy “ develop? The market economy developed through voluntary exchange among colonists..31A

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