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THE IB EXTENDED ESSAY Mrs Novak 2011. What actually is it? And what does the whole process involve?

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2 What actually is it? And what does the whole process involve?

3 A Golden Opportunity The Extended Essay is a wonderful opportunity to research and write about something that you are really interested in – something you will enjoy working on

4 Basic Facts Personal research by the student On a question or hypothesis chosen by the student, not assigned by the teacher In a subject or discipline listed by the IB In the format of a formal research paper

5 Length 4,000 words not including appendices, illustrations, bibliography, footnotes or endnotes with an abstract within 300 words

6 Required for the IB Diploma Counts towards additional diploma points along with Theory of Knowledge Assessed according to published criteria

7 WHO IS INVOLVED IN THE EXTENDED ESSAY? The student The students supervisor The IB Coordinator The International Baccalaureate Organisation

8 HOW TO CHOOSE A RESEARCH TOPIC Decide which subject interests you the most Without personal curiosity and interest, its impossible to do research

9 Choosing the subject area and topic is possibly the most difficult part of the whole process!


11 Once you have an idea, talk to your supervisor – this is what they are for – to help you!

12 Also,Discuss this idea with: your teacher your friends your parents and/or anyone else who you think may be able to give you advice or be interested.

13 While reading, try to list questions that you are curious about. THIS MUST BE DONE RIGHT THROUGH THE RESEARCH PROCESS, SO.... KEEP A RESEARCH DIARY!

14 Now – its time to do some

15 Ask yourself: what data you might need to answer these questions whether you will have access to the data whether you will need to find other sources of data See whether there has been any research by others in this area.

16 How? Where do you start? The librarian can help to find books, Journals & research papers

17 And, of course, there are many libraries you can visit – dont limit yourself

18 Dont be too dependent on Internet resources – these can be unreliable

19 And, besides, you want to demonstrate reading and research from a wide variety of sources

20 Brainstorm - in whatever way works for you Add ideas as you think of them

21 Write everything down in your Extended Essay Journal (this way you wont forget that brilliant idea you have)

22 Gradually, your ideas will become focused and refined

23 Narrow down the number and scope of your questions as you proceed

24 Before you know it, your Extended Essay will be well under way

25 Remember – The Extended Essay is your chance to shine. You dont often get the opportunity to write about something you are passionate about – so, make it one of the most rewarding pieces of writing you have ever done!

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