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Pressing spacebar advances slides and animations.

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1 Pressing spacebar advances slides and animations

2 PowerPointPresentation Presentation Posters Loren D. J. Baxter, Center for Instructional Services, 817-257-6131 10/22/2014 PowerPoint Presentation

3 “Every clarification breeds new questions.” Arthur Bloch 3 Learning Expectation Questions lead us to new understandings

4 4 What is PowerPoint? ü üDigital Presentation Software ü üStatic ü üDynamic ü üInteractive ü üMultimedia ü üHyperlinks

5 5 Why PowerPoint? ü üIndustry Standard ü üUniversal ü üMac and PC ü üCommunication Research (e.g. Poster Presentation) Data/Statistics Pictures Reports

6 6 Introduction ü üWe will learn … ü üThe essential components of an appropriate presentation/research poster ü üColor, Fonts, and WordArt choices ü üDesign Themes

7 7 Audience/Content/Location ü üOr if you would prefer to ask … ü üFor whom? ü üWhat? ü üWhen? ü üWhere? ü üWhy? ü üHow?

8 8 Design Principles üContrast üColor üFonts üArtwork

9 9 Contrast üProjected Presentations üDark background, light text üPrinted Presentations üLight background, dark text üTCU Purple: R79 G45 B127

10 10 Color üSimple Palette üComplimentary üAppropriate üPrinted Handouts üBlack and White üGrayscale

11 11 Fonts üOne or Two Families üTahoma, Tahoma Italic, Tahoma Bold üArial, Arial Italic, Arial Bold üTimes New Roman, Italic, Bold üMinimum Size 24 Points üThis line is 24 point Tahoma üand then 24 point Times New Roman üand 18 point Times New Roman

12 12 Fonts üDisplay üSanserif Font üTwo to five words üBody Copy (Content) üSanserif Font (PPT) üSerif Font (Printed) üUnderline



15 15 WordArt üBe Consistent üColor üFont üSize üPosition

16 16

17 17 Clip Art / Photographs üBe Consistent üStyle üSize üPosition üPhotos üSize Ratio ü1200 pixels üCitation Photo courtesy Accessed 11/15/07.

18 18 Design Styles üDesign Themes – in the ribbon üSlide Design üSlide Design – Color Scheme

19 19

20 20 Supplements üTake a Memory üPrinted Handouts – Summary Information üPrint Notes Pages

21 21 Multimedia üAudio üVideo üHyperlinks

22 22 Cost and Lead Time üTemplates Templates üCost is based on materials recovery üCheck üCash üLead Time: Three to five business days

23 23 Conclusion üClean, easy to read, and easy to see. üGraphics, art and other media for emphasis. üPlan, prepare and practice.

24 Resources üMore PowerPointers... üMicrosoft Office PowerPoint Help üMicrosoft Office PowerPoint Help (F1 then enter a search term) üTCU Related ü üOther resources ü ü ü ü

25 Resources üScience-related resources ü ü ü ü - University level scientific posters, samples, good bibliography. ü - Downloadable templates ü - Presentation and research posters from the American Physiological Society. ü - Html-based tutorial developed by a University of Kansas Professor. ü – Content to include ü - Do's and Don'ts with rationale. ü - Pay site ü - Pay site

26 Created by Loren D. J. Baxter,Loren D. J. Baxter © 2009. Media Production Support Services, Center for Instructional Services, Texas Christian University 817-257-6131

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