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Budget Planning and Goals Chris Brand President/CEO Friends of Disabled Adults and Children, Too! FODAC:

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1 Budget Planning and Goals Chris Brand President/CEO Friends of Disabled Adults and Children, Too! FODAC:

2 Annual Operating Budget Methods of Collecting, Storing, Refurbishing, and Distributing all affect budget. How will you accept donations? Serve all age groups? All counties? What programs? How many staff?

3 Annual Operating Budget Estimate low to high scenarios, take previous 3 year average if other indicators are not clear Don’t add pending requests in budget Plan to raise more funds than you spend (contingency) Do a Staff needs study of program delivery Do a separate Capital Budget

4 Strategic Planning Completed annually for next 3-5 years Aggressive but achievable Mission oriented Capital, Programming, and Staff development goals

5 ROI Admin/Overhead Formula is the actual percentage of administrative and fundraising expenses. This percentage is computed from information on the IRS Form 990 by adding the amount spent on "management and general" (line 14) to "fundraising" (line 15) and dividing the resulting total by "total revenue" (line 12). Example: (14) $73,368 + (15) $94,856 divided by (12) $3,702,606 = 4.5%

6 ROI Cost allocation-- % or $ amount of all resources allocated per program (Children’s DME, Home Modification program, by county)

7 ROI % or dollar amount does not always correlate to the consumer benefits (outcomes). Fast ways to increase your ROI: Have an equipment drive Start another program that will use significant % of human and capital resources

8 Budget Planning Income INCOME 2009 Budget2008 Actual Churches$23,000$21,255 Corporations$80,000$64,965 Foundations$110,000$119,135 Government$521,494$313,014 Individuals$100,000$102,170 Organizations$25,000$20,163 Other earned income$27,000$12,649 ramps for champs$12,600 remount$18,000 dme client repair fees$24,000 vehicle sales$25,000 battery purchases$16,000 Total earned income$122,600$123,291 Thrift Store Sales$200,000$184,192 TOTAL INCOME$1,182,094$960,834

9 Budget Planning Expense EXPENSES2009 Budget2008 Actual Insurance$20,800$16,342 Miscellaneous$9,291$10,805 Occupancy Maintenance and Repairs$7,500$7,383 Mortgage Payments$118,000$78,285 Utilities$56,200$53,587 Total Occupancy$181,700$139,255 Office Expenses$12,000$29,247 Personal Services (See attachment)$534,583$537,551 Phones and Communications$13,000$13,251 Professional Services$10,000$33,712 Program Parts and Materials ramps for champs$288,000$114,150 Other$28,300$21,543 Total Program Parts and Materials$316,300$140,970 Travel and Training$7,500$12,739 Vehicles$16,500$19,661 TOTAL EXPENSES$1,121,674$953,533

10 2009 Other Program breakout Home ModsVehicle ModsThrift StoreDME repair Income$387,600$18,000$200,000$40,000 Expenses Total Occupancy$63,595 Program Parts and Materials ramps for champs$288,000 remount$2,300 batteries$16,000 other$2,000 Total Personnel$39,094$29,708$48,431 Thrift Store Expenses$16,404 $327,094$32,008$128,430$18,000$505,532 Expenses of $1,138,078 minus other program costs of $505,532 means the DME program expense is approximately $632,505 ROI Cost Allocation

11 ROI – FODAC DME 2008 INCOME$960,834 EXPENSES Insurance$16,342 Miscellaneous$10,805 Occupancy$139,255 Office Expenses$29,247 Personal Services (See attachment)$537,551 Phones and Communications$13,251 Professional Services$33,712 Program Parts and Materials ramps for champs$114,150 Other$21,543 Total Program Parts and Materials$140,970 Travel and Training$12,739 Vehicles$19,661 TOTAL EXPENSES$953,533 * 08 National/ International Distribution $2,746,701Retail:$8,240,103 divided by$645,405 = Retail ROI$12.77

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