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1 1 Barb Rowenhorst Janet Hensley PASS January 6, 2011

2 Increase knowledge on how to handle resistors Acquire organization techniques for learning team meetings Reflect on Assessment Strategy #2: Looking at Student Work Learn strategies for Assessment Strategy #4: Student self-assessment & setting goals


4 What might be some obstacles to discussing Rigor and using Bloom’s in learning teams? (in our control) What might be some solutions to the obstacles? ObstaclesSolutions

5 Obstacle: Getting people “on board” philosophically

6 buts Brainstorm all of the ‘buts’ you can think of…

7 According to Tom Many, that gap could be the 12 inches between our head (what we know) and our heart (what we are willing to do).



10 Table groups: Discuss each section of the article and take notes Large group share: What do we plan to do to get EVERYONE on board?

11 Lack of Commitment Build Shared Knowledge Lack of Knowledge and Skills Provide specific learning opportunities for staff Lack of a Sense of Efficacy Set clear SMART goals and celebrate small victories


13 Read and discuss Effective and Ineffective questions. Discuss how you can help lead some members to focus on a positive note about student learning.


15 Obstacle: Time/Leadership Organization Agendas


17 Meeting notes should be posted for all staff.


19 Good Closures: Tie up loose ends. Provide clarity. Assist team members in understanding next steps. Motivate and create a shared commitment for the work – emphasize student achievement. Provide individuals with a sense of well-being for their contributions. Emphasize continuous improvement.

20 Recommendations Review the purpose statement and summarize what you did in the meeting. State if decisions were made State how decisions will be communicated Clarify next steps: Who will do what? By when? Who will communicate? Have group members check out.

21 Have group members check out: (Facilitator can pick a questions or team members can choose one as they check out.) What did you appreciate about the team time today? What did you learn that will help you with student learning? What concerns do you have as we leave? What would make us stronger and more effective in the future?



24 Get into groups of 3 so each group has 1 handout of each color. Extras: Join a group and share your role. Return to your PASS team and share 1 of your conversations from the triads.





29 Work Time



32 Answer the top 2 questions. Choose a quote that speaks to you in regard to student self- assessment. Share your quote with your table group and why you chose it Choose one quote for your group to share with the large group.


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