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Investigations Carol Waider Investigations Pilot 2010.

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1 Investigations Carol Waider Investigations Pilot 2010

2 What have you heard about Investigations Math Series?

3 State of the District Most elementary teachers have had CGI training in math. Current math can be adapted to use CGI strategies, but not well. Investigations would provide teachers with a curriculum that fosters CGI training along with practice, problem solving, and deep mathematic understanding.

4 History of Investigations Investigations development was funded by the National Science Foundation, TERC, and Pearson. Dr. Susan Jo Russell was the Principal Investigator of both of the National Science Foundation grants that funded the development of Investigations. Developed by mathematicians and math educators.

5 About TERC TERC is a nonprofit research and development organization whose mission is to improve mathematics, science, and technology teaching and learning. TERC, founded in 1965, is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. TERC staff includes researchers, scientists, and mathematicians, and curriculum and professional development specialists who ground their work on inquiry-based approaches that deepen all learners’ understandings.

6 What is Investigations? 20 years of research behind mathematics. Supports students to develop their own mathematic thinking and believe they are mathematic thinkers. Provides substantive work in important areas of mathematics—rational numbers, geometry, measurement, data, and early algebra—and connections among them.

7 The Good New edition is teacher friendly with a reasonable planning guide. Student practice workbook complete with homework component to involve parents. Blend of games, fact practice, and discussion.

8 The Better Motivates students. Prepares students for D-Step due to the volume of word problems. Does not “teach” a prescribed way to solve a problem. Rather, supports students to develop their own way to accurately and consistently solve problems.

9 Personal Testimony Using these pilot materials I am the MOST secure I have ever been teaching mathematics. I am seeing mathematic success with my students. The mathematic materials just make sense!

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