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GV IN Business Information Ljubljana, January 2004 Maria Anselmi Managing Director.

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1 GV IN Business Information Ljubljana, January 2004 Maria Anselmi Managing Director

2 2  Company profile  GV IN brief description  How to use GV IN  Why use GV IN GV IN Business Information Content

3 3                      100% 50% GV Skupina, upravljanje z družbami, d.d.   100% Company Profile GV Group organisation

4 4  Company profile  GV IN brief description  How to use Gv IN GV IN  Why use GV IN Content GV IN Business Information

5 5 GV IN is a family of information modules which give a complete and update portrait of Slovene companies and business world.  GV IN basic module includes: Fianncial statements and balnce sheets, News archive, Stock quotes, Database of bankruptcies and cancelleations, Assemblee calendar, Kompass business directory  Governance module, Pajek: All managers, supervisory board membres and founders with their internal connection and performancs track record  Credit rating module, Bonitete GV IN Brief Description Information base

6 6  Company profile  GV IN brief description  How to use GV IN  Why use GV IN GV IN Business Information Content

7 7 An answer to business questions  Over 100.000 firms  50 different search keys  Balance sheets with industry, regional, local aggregates  Data in English and Slovene GV IN Basic module

8 8 Are your partners growing?  Individual balance sheet items growth rate  Average growth rate  Nominal or real in SIT/EUR/USD  Possibility of data export in.XLS format  Personalised analysis using your own formulas  Results saved under personal account  Selection of data set to analyse GV IN Basic module

9 9 Is it a solid partner? First look at last five years financial statements Possibility to customize view selecting relevant items GV IN Basic module

10 10 What is partners’ and competitors’ business trend?  Benchmark analysis  Graphics  All annual reports GV IN Basic module

11 11 How is partners’ industry growing ?  Industry analysis by aggregates GV IN Basic module

12 12 What is partners’ competitive position?  Industry benchmark and benchmark indexes  General trend in comparison with economic trend GV IN Basic module

13 13 Soft data News and magazines articles to update numbers and to get those information which numbers do not give Possibility to creat personalised clipping GV IN Basic module

14 14 Get a complete company clipping  10 years of new archive with more than 1 million articles  newspapers, magazines and news wire  Full indexed texts for focused and precise searches  Search by key words  Search by criteria  Search by company including Registration and tax number serach  Different ranking criteria of results GV IN Basic module

15 15 How to share important information  Search criteria always shown  Possibility to: Send articles Save Print GV IN Basic module

16 16  Official Gazette updated the same day of issue  Bankruptcies  Cancellations  Administrative cases  Complete texts from official Gazette  Export in XML e XLS formats GV IN Basic module Companies on Official Gazette

17 17 How and when recover debts ?  Deadlines  Complete report and decisions contained in the Official Gazette GV IN Basic module

18 18 How to select a partner using Kompass Busness Directory?  Kompass franchisee edition for Slovenia  Profitable companies whose turnover exceeds 100.000 USD  Over 15.000 fully detailed company profiles with complete marketing information  Activities and products classified according to Kompass sophisticated coding system GV IN Basic module

19 19 Slovene companies’ Management and governance  All registered companies in Slovenia  Over 180.000 managers’ names  Daily updates  Search by standard criteria as weel as by names.  All new founded companies  People network and companies connections  Quick look at managers performances GV IN Pajek

20 20 Keeping memory of the results  Possibility to rank results according to different criteria  Possibility to export in XLS format  Complete address book GV IN Pajek

21 21 Partners identity card  Registration data  Ownership, management, actual and past supervisory board membres  Direct links to connected financial information and news  Daily updates of VAT accounts, bank account and registration numbers GV IN Pajek

22 22 Managers performances  Open suits and closed cases  Bankruptcies and cancellations in actual or in past companies connected to Managers GV IN Pajek

23 23 Spider web: all connection with people and business  Management network  Primary and secondary connections GV IN Pajek

24 24 ˜ Evaluation of over 30.000 companies ˜ Credit Identity Card: Management and Supervisory Board Financial Data and relevant ratios Brand portfolio Payment statistics over the last 5 years benchmarked with industry average Legal facts affecting the companies Civil cases Information set GV IN Bonitete – Credit Rating

25 25 Registration number VAT account Address Bank accounts Subsidiaries and connected business Basic view: general information GV IN Bonitete – Credit Rating

26 26  Rating compared with Previous periods Industry Competitors  Delay in payments compared with: Previous dates Industry Competitors  Open suits Company rating GV IN Bonitete – Credit Rating

27 27  Managers, founders, supervisory board members  Other relevant positions of Managers and Councelors Managers’ rating GV IN Bonitete – Credit Rating

28 28  Main activities of the company, results and comparison with industry and main competitors  Brands Company business profile GV IN Bonitete – Credit Rating

29 29 Fiancial data of Last 3 years Industry Competitors Relevant financial ratios to evaluate company solidity and default risk  Average growth rate  Export in XLS format  Graphs Financial snapshot GV IN Bonitete – Credit Rating

30 30  Most relevant and recent news on : Company Industry Comptition People connected to the company Market position Soft information GV IN Bonitete – Credit Rating

31 31  Rating: At present In Previous period range Average payment time: At present In previous periods range  Maximum financial exposure estimated  Connection to risky legal suits  Last update date Synthetic rating data GV IN Bonitete – Credit Rating

32 32  Company profile  GV IN brief description  How to use GV IN  Why use GV IN GV IN Business Information Content

33 33  MANAGEMENT  FINANCE  MARKETING  SALES  ACCOUNTING  PURCHASE  Analysis and Development departments  Credit and Risk management units Who uses GV IN? Why use GV IN

34 34 You do not need surfing on the net All info in one spot 24/7 No need to cut and paste from different sources No need to review also useless material No need to compare and standardise data All info in standardised format organised and checked Powerful research system Official, authoritative sources of information, constantly updated Why use GV IN Who uses GV IN?

35 35 iGV, d.o.o. Einspielerjeva 6, 1000- Ljubljana Fax +386.1.3094469 Maria Anselmi - Managing Director +386.1.3094461, Tel.+386.1.3094461 Robert Petrič – GV IN ManagerRobert Petrič – GV IN Manager Tel. +386.1.3094462 robert.petrič, Tel. +386.1.3094462 robert.petrič Contacts

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