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Sprowston Community High School KS4 PREFERENCES 2010-2012.

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1 Sprowston Community High School KS4 PREFERENCES 2010-2012

2 Key Stage 4 SUBJECTS  The following subjects are studied by all pupils:  English – both English and English Literature for most pupils  Maths  Core Science*  Core PE  Short Courses ICT/RS/Citizenship*

3 PATH A to E increasingly more Vocational  PATH A: All GCSE’s  PATH B: BTEC  PATH C : VOCATIONAL STUDIES  PATH D: NEW DIPLOMAS  PATH E: Young Apprenticeship

4 PATH A - All GCSE’s Choose to do Short Courses of Citizenship, ICT & RS in: BLOCK 1 – Instead of 2 nd Science BLOCK 2 – Instead of a Language BLOCK 3 – Instead of a Technology BLOCK 4 – Instead of an Arts or Humanities subject

5 BLOCK 1 SCIENCE  EITHER DOUBLE SCIENCE (Choice made later in Year 10 of ADDITIONAL OR ADDITIONAL APPLIED)  OR  SINGLE SCIENCE + ICT/RS/CZ Short Courses  IF you wish to be considered to take Biology, Chemistry & Physics then only tick the Triple Science box in Path A

6 Block 2 Modern Foreign Languages  FRENCH OR GERMAN OR SPANISH  OR ICT/RS/CZ Short Courses  This must be the language that you are studying now  IFyou wish to be considered for 2 nd MFL subject then take this option in Path A

7 BLOCK 3 Design & Technology 11 subject to be studied EEnter 2 in order of preference FFOOD TECHNOLOGY OOR GRAPHICS OOR MATERIALS OOR TEXTILES IIf you wish to study Engineering Double GCSE then tick this box in Path A as well OOR ICT/RS/CZ Short Courses

8 BLOCK 4 ARTS & HUMANITIES  2 subjects to be studied  GCSE Health & Social Care- Double Certificate  OR GCSE Leisure & Tourism – Double Certificate  OR 2 of the following:  Art & DesignPhotographyEconomics  DanceBusiness StudiesGeography  DramaMedia StudiesHistory  MusicGCSE PE Philosophy & Ethics  OR ICT/RS/CZ Short Courses  IF you want to take 3 subjects from this block then you can pick up the 3 rd subject in Path A.

9 PATH B: BTEC Decide which BTEC course to do: Art & Design Media Sport Performing Arts Tick which in Path B Then decide Block 1,2,3 or 4 for your Short Courses Then complete Blocks 1 to 4 as for Path A, but you will only study 1 GCSE from Block 4

10 PATH C : Vocational Studies Choose from the following courses: Animal CareCateringConstruction Finishing & RepairHairdressing Horse CareVehicle Maintenance WoodworkLand Based Operations Motorcycle Maintenance Tick which one in PATH C box

11 PATH C: Vocational Studies  Besides the Core Subjects you need to choose  2 from:  Art & DesignDramaFood Technology  MaterialsFrenchBusiness Studies  GeographyHistory Tick 4 in GCSE box in order of preference NOT ALL OF THESE SUBJECTS WILL RUN – ONLY THE 4 MOST POPULAR ONES!!!!! N

12 PATH D : NEW DIPLOMAS Choose from the following: Business, Administration & Finance - Sewell Park Creative Arts and Media – Sprowston CHS Engineering – Open Academy Environment & Land Based Studies – Easton College Sport & Active Leisure - Thorpe St Andrew HS Tick which box in PATH D


14 Path C, D & E are dependent upon successful interview Pupils wishing to follow one of these pathways MUST also complete the form for EITHER PATH A OR B, just in case their application is unsuccessful.

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