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Gender Age Who are we? Fall 2013 FT/PT Status Ethnicity.

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1 Gender Age Who are we? Fall 2013 FT/PT Status Ethnicity

2 Another Look at Ethnicity

3 Growth in Non-Traditional Students


5 Math %Writing %Reading % AllNHAllNHAllNH HawCC 666359566357 HonCC 514967667579 KapCC 594967667579 KauCC 616771676955 LeeCC 7367 637163 MauC 443276735835 WinCC 54 64609087

6 Fall to Spring %Fall to Fall % AllNHAllNH HawCC71674639 HonCC71694743 KapCC74715245 KauCC757352 LeeCC73695351 MauC71654636 WinCC69704749

7 Full-Time %Part-Time % AllNHAllNH HawCC47443125 HonCC49452622 KapCC47353021 KauCC524133 LeeCC45373127 MauC44282925 WinCC43402728

8 Compare IPEDS 150% Rates Graduation 17% Transfer 18%

9  Enrollment  Underprepared students  Part-time students  Persistence and completion  Small island, large needs

10 The KCC Mission Kaua‘i Community College provides open access education and training in an ethical and innovative student- centered and community-focused environment, nurturing life-long learners who appreciate diversity and lead responsible and fulfilling lives.

11  Access: for a diverse student population.  Learning & Teaching: for transfer, career/technical, and life-long learning.  Workforce Development: for employment and future career development.  Personal Development  Community Development: campus leadership and collaboration.  Diversity : To foster global understanding and appreciation for diversity.

12  Increase success of remedial/developmental students,  Improve the quality distance education  Increase outreach to k-12  Increase overall retention and persistence to graduation or transfer  Improve the facilitation of integrative/critical thinking in courses

13  To encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning, seeing themselves as the makers of meaning, rather than recipients of knowledge  To create learning environments in which all students may thrive, regardless of their background, learning style preferences, or physical or cognitive challenges  To facilitate critical self-awareness in students, especially with regards to how they may use education to attain goals that reflect their own personal values and passions


15  We have overspent our resource base. We have overtaxed the biosphere, straining the future of human and ecological systems. This is the greatest moral, intellectual and social challenge that human civilization has ever faced  People want a good life for themselves, their families and their communities. They want meaningful work, reasonable comfort and security, a clean and safe environment, good health, and opportunities for personal growth.

16  Wai’ale’ale Program over 300 students, 64 certificates and degrees, over 19% of KCC Dean’s List  Kipaipai 1st Year Experience  Reaching out to Veterans  High School Outreach  Shortening the remedial/developmental pipeline  Prior Learning Assessment

17  Ho’ouluwehi Institute  International Education  KCC Hawai‘i Space Flight Laboratory  Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Certification  Go Farm Hawai'i  Nationally Certified Career and Technical Programs  Ulu Project  Kikuchi Archives  New Faculty/Staff Orientation

18  Certificates in Digital Media; Global Information Systems; Hospitality and Tourism; Sustainable Science; Medical Assisting; and Virtual Office Assistant  Associate of Science in Plant Biology and Tropical Agriculture  Associate of Science in Natural Sciences  Associate of Science in Business, with certificates in entrepreneurship, retailing, and management

19  Successfully competed for grants from NSF, DOE, DOL and others  Students engaged in award-winning research and presentations  Earned 2013 ACUPCC Climate Leader Award  Ranked 16 th in the nation by Washington Monthly among community colleges for student engagement

20  Earth Day  Public Art Displays  Hosted Topic Care and the World Hula Conference  STEM public exhibit  Public events in partnership with NOAA, NTBG, Kaua‘i Museum and others  Six Community Meetings Held  1.5 Million raised through UHF

21  New Culinary kitchen  Expansion of the Fine Arts Area  Renovation of the Campus Center  Creation of agriculture & marine science labs  Addition of grant writer, webmaster, marketing & international education positions  Installation of Kazu Kauinana sculpture and lanai gathering place

22  Degrees and Certificates Achievement  Native Hawaiian Degrees and Certificates Achievement  STEM Degrees and Certificates Achievement  Pell Grant Recipients  Transfers to UH 4-Year Institutions







29 Measure Weight HawHonKapKauLeeMauWin Degrees & Certificates 35 2.435 Native Hawaiian Degrees & Certificates 10 3.510 STEM Degrees & Certificates 503.155555 Pell Grant Recipients 10 Transfers to UH 4 Year 40 Total $ Allocation % 100%95% 59 % 100 %

30  Focus on our students as individuals with incredible potential  E kuahui like i ka hana. 'A'ohe hana nui ke alu 'ia. Let everybody pitch in and work together. No task is too big when done by all  Create an organization infrastructure, policies, incentives and culture that supports the elements we value  Ask the right questions

31 Institutional Effectiveness Committee Chairs;Faculty Member and IE Director Academic Program Review Support Unit Review General Education Committee/ISLOs Student Success Evidence Committee

32  Community Meetings  Internal Envisioning Our Future  Working through College Council  Fitting Our Plan Within UH and UHCC  Target Date Fall 2015

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