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May 1, 2008. Strategic Plan/2006 Stocktaking REALIGN – Activities with Strategic Plan REALLOCATE – Resources and efforts based on Program review evaluations.

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1 May 1, 2008

2 Strategic Plan/2006 Stocktaking REALIGN – Activities with Strategic Plan REALLOCATE – Resources and efforts based on Program review evaluations of effective and ineffective activities RE-PURPOSE – Re-describe current and vacant positions in line with strategies

3 Realign Reallocate Re-purpose ALIGN WITH CURRENT GOALS AND MEASURES  UHCC Measures 1.3, 1.4, 2.3, 2.4  Campus Strategic Goals I. Improve Access, II. Improve Learning and Teaching.  Achieving The Dream  Accreditation recommendation – Coherent response to students with remedial/developmental needs

4 Realign Reallocate Re-purpose REALLOCATE AND RE-PURPOSE RESOURCES Re-purpose TLC writing coordinator position to Student Success Center Re-allocate SAM/BTEC resources to SSC for math Re-purpose Univ. Cnt. tech to SSC Renovate and renew vacated business office and 1 st fl Library/TLC to become Student Learning Commons TLC becomes 1, possibly 2 general classrooms, offices

5 Realign Reallocate Re-purpose ALIGN  Campus Goal 3. Workforce Development, UHCC measures 4.1, 4.2 REALLOCATE AND RE-PURPOSE Culinary fundamentals lab into vacated Bkstore area Employer feedback, accreditation, articulation Increase non-credit opportunities Production kitchens not suited to non-credit, revenue generation Allocated additional instructional supplies for changes in curriculum

6 Realign Reallocate Re-purpose  UHCC measure 5.5 Title III – SAS Business Intelligence System Salary savings IR – web report studio training KCC Fund Professional Development Program Improvement/Strategic Plan Measures Ed White Fund Professional Professional Development SLO Assessment

7 Kauai CC Additional Measures Goals: Workforce Development & Improved Success for Students Shorter term certificates – CC, CoC specific, marketable skills Career ladder, shorter entry/exit points in 2 yr programs, build confidence and skills All Divisions Measures Employment upon completion or transfer Persistence to CA or degree

8 Kauai Additional Measures Campus Goals: Workforce Development, Community Development, Diversity Services for senior population “Advanced” nurse aide in longterm care, salary improvement Massage therapy model, self-sustaining Cultural transitions – New comers to the island Mayor’s Mea Ho`omana`o Interdisciplinary, primarily non-credit

9 Kauai Additional Measures Increased enrollment of seniors in both credit and non-credit courses Increased service learning opportunities in classes across the curriculum – address campus SLO for social responsibility Increased donor support among senior citizens

10 Anticipated Revenues 2010-2011 expect additional revenues, even with flat enrollment Commitment to increased financial aid Student employment – peer tutors increases in program supplies budgets because of curricular changes Programs/Units expected to contribute directly through revenues generated – OCET International Coordinator position, Culinary positions

11 BIENNIUM BUDGET REQUESTS Repair, Renew, Replace Routine and Preventive Maintenance Inflation adjustments New Facilities Renovations, deferred maintenance New and replacement equipment (previous biennium and supplemental) Performance-Based Request

12 Routine Maintenance RequestFY 2010FY 2011 1.0 Painter$44,544 1.0 Electrician$46,236 Maintenance for main systems $161,000 Total$251,780

13 Inflation Adjustments FY 2010 FY 2011 Electricity338,009 447,832 Water/Sewer24,807 24,807 Inter-Island Air39,590 48,899

14 New Facilities RequestRank FY 2010FY 2011 2.0 FTE Janitor II9 $66,456 Electricity6 $430,000$470,000 Water/sewer6 $13,000 Supplies6 $10,500 Maintenance contracts 6 $36,500 Equipment89 $100,000 Furniture89 $324,477 Total $980,933$596,456

15 Renovations and Deferred Maintenance Renovations prioritized through APRU process Renovate Library 1 st floor and Admin for Student Learning Commons (rank #1) Space available Fall, 2008 in Supplemental budget Renovate vacated book store space Culinary fundamentals lab (rank #34) Space available Fall 2009 Renovate OCET portable for ECE (rank #91) Space available Fall 2009

16 Equipment Funding Requested Equipment funding in last biennium and again in supplemental Received $226,000 in current service base Current APRU requests total $404,450 Perkins Title III PCATT Other grants and fundraising Request FY 2010 $76,071 FY 2011 $76,070

17 Performance-based Request UHCC measures 1.2 and 2.2 Increase Financial Aid participation and amounts awarded RequestFY 2010FY 2011 1.0 FTE Financial Aid Officer $49,724 Student assistants (peer ambassadors)$5,000 Supplies$5,000 SARS software$35,000$15,000 TOTAL$94,724$69,724

18 Anticipated Outcomes Increase financial aid participation for all students and for Native Hawaiian students in particular. Minimum targets are: Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2012Fall 2015 NH Pell participation 35.9%20%37.2%38.2% General Pell participation 26.2%22.5%31.4%38.1%

19 Without Additional Resource?

20 Anticipated Outcomes Increase information for donors and potential donors on financial aid needs Monitor and encourage communication from students to donors Increase private scholarship funding by $15,000 per year total $105,000 by 2015. $138,849 2006-07 Establish 5 additional endowed scholarship funds by 2015. Currently 6 scholarship endowments Continue to raise funds for University Center student scholarships/awards

21 CIP For Future Biennium Health Education Building UHCC measures 4.1, 4.4 Replace temporary portables Additional biological science lab, not part of temporary “fix” Allow for program growth Support clinical instruction (better preparation) Clinical simulations

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