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ACHIEVING THE DREAM Kauai Community College Convocation Fall 2008.

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1 ACHIEVING THE DREAM Kauai Community College Convocation Fall 2008

2 We can help more community college students succeed  Achieving the Dream supports colleges’ efforts to help students stick with their studies and attain their academic goals.  Colleges work within a culture of evidence, a collective mindset in which critical decisions affecting students are informed by data and evaluated in light of whether student achievement increases.

3 Overview  Develop an evidence-based culture  Engage in institutional transformation and systemic change  Assure success of low-income, 1 st generation and Native Hawaiian students

4 Hawai‘i’s Partners and Funders The Kamehameha Schools The Office of Hawaiian Affairs The University of Hawai‘i, Community Colleges

5 A five-year initiative  Goal is to increase number of students who successfully;  complete remedial/developmental courses;  complete “gatekeeper” courses;  complete all enrolled courses with C or higher;  re-enroll from one semester to the next; and  earn certificates and/or degrees.

6 UHCC & KCC Strategic Goals  Native Hawaiian Educational Attainment  Increase Hawaii’s Educational Capital  Increase enrollment  Increase success and retention through increased Financial Aid  Increase success in remedial/developmental courses  Increase the number of students who transfer or graduate

7 Continuation: If they don’t come back they don’t complete In the top states, 62% of entering community college students return their second year. In the UH Community College System, 45% return. At Kaua‘i CC 46% overall return (69% of FT and 32% of PT). Source: Measuring Up 2006 Completion and IPEDS

8 Year One: 2007  Collect data on student success, retention and persistence  Identify gatekeeper courses (high enrollment and <70% success rate)  Identify factors related to student success and lack of success  Identify intervention strategies to increase student success

9 Gatekeeper Courses CourseC or Higher% Headcount ENG 10065%12% (400) ENG 2257%10% MATH 2466% 9% HIST 15164% 8% SP 15164% 8% ICS 10056% 7% MATH 2258% 6% (200) ENG 2158% 6%

10 Year Two 2008: Implementation  Priority Area A: Financial Aid Participation  Financial Aid Outreach  Mandatory Advising for new, probationary, and Rem/Dev students

11 Action Plan: Financial Aid Outreach

12 Year Two 2008: Implementation con’t.  Priority Area B: Developmental Intervention  College Success Center  Asst English Instructors  Strengthen peer assistant tutoring  Math/Science Lab

13 Compass Scores: First Time Students

14 Year Two 2008: Implementation con’t  Priority Area C: Successful Progress and Graduation or Transfer  Strengthen Early Alert  Provide Professional Development in Hawaiian values, teaching strategies, workshops, conferences, etc.

15 Action Plan: Successful Progress

16 Action Plan: Early Alert  73 Early Alert Students (30% NH)  101 different classes  273 enrollments (duplicate count)  3.74 classes each  30% success in enrolled classes ABCCECRDFIFNNCW 183626111260343271

17 Early Alert

18 Year Two: Implementation con’t  Priority D: Data Collection, Analysis, and Utilization  Institutional Researcher  Data collection and evaluation instruments  Training on data analysis

19 PAU Kauai Community College Convocation Fall 2008

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