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Prof. Michael Richmond Chief of Medical, Academic and Research Affairs MedHealth – Cairo – March 2014 Partnering with Staff on Problem Solving The Hamad.

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1 Prof. Michael Richmond Chief of Medical, Academic and Research Affairs MedHealth – Cairo – March 2014 Partnering with Staff on Problem Solving The Hamad Approach

2 1.A pen picture of Qatar 2.Hamad Medical Corporation 3.Academic Health 4.Key challenges 5.The science of quality improvement 6.The Hamad Way Contents 2

3 Geographically small: 11,400 sq km; Small population: > 2 million people; Rapid population growth: tripled in ten years; Reliant on oil and gas: responsible for 70% of government revenue; Real GDP growth expected to grow by 5.3% in 2013 Budget spending set to jump 18% to $58bn in 2013/14 Qatar National Visions 2030: diversify the economy and build a knowledge-based economy whilst maintaining Qatari culture: ambition to become a world leader in education, healthcare and medical research ambition to become a medical and education hub for the region Qatar - A Growing Nation With a Great Ambition 3

4 4 Qatar National Vision 2030 A Healthy Population: Physically and Mentally A Healthy Nation is a Productive Nation Qatar National Health Strategy 2011 - 2016 The National Health Strategy 2011-2016 is intended to propel Qatar toward the health goals and objectives contained in the QNV 2030

5 A Unique Population 5 Diverse expatriate population 5

6 6 Increase in demand for healthcare services due to more people, with more chronic disease, living longer

7 7 Country Beds per 1,000* Australia3.9 Canada3.2 UK3 USA3 Saudi Arabia2.2 UAE1.9 Qatar1.4 Percentage change in growth from 2005 Healthcare Demand and Capacity

8 HMC is the Main Healthcare Provider 8 Established 1979 with 35 years of experience Government funded non-profit provider Eight hospitals, National Ambulance Centre – and growing, with 4 new hospitals planned for 2015 Provide 90% of acute healthcare in Qatar Tertiary, Secondary and Continuing Care 750,000 emergency attendances 20,000 deliveries annually Expected healthcare budget increase fromQR8.8bn ($2.4bn) Joint Commission International accreditation ACGME-I accreditation

9 9 HMC - A Growing Hospital Network Nursing and Skilled Nursing Care Tertiary Hospitals General Hospitals Continuing Care National Ambulance Service

10 Key Statistics from 2013 10 HMC AT WORK IN NUMBERS

11 11 Priority Supporting Priorities Core Improvement Academic health as a means of transformation Reforming organizational capabilities Clinical Research Education & Development Enabling Human Resources Facilities Information Systems Community Engagement Organizational Capabilities Transformation

12 12 Qatar’s Academic Health System HMC is “uniting academia and healthcare for the benefit of the population” (Health Service Journal) “It is a significant achievement…a collaborative model others will seek to emulate.” (Dr S. Wartman, President and CEO, Association of Academic Health Centers)

13 13 “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

14 Culture of Quality and Safety Improvement Convergence of cultures Commitment and ambition CapacityCapability BUILDING ‘THE HAMAD WAY’ Building Will, Ideas & Teamwork for Execution Quality and Safety Strategy Middle East Forum in collaboration with IHI Best Care Always Campaign Open School - 5000+ HMC staff registrations

15 15 PDSA - a Model for Improvement Developed by Associates in Process Improvement, the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) model is a valuable tool for accelerating improvement. It has been used very successfully by hundreds of health care organizations in many countries to improve many different health care processes and outcomes. Including the right people on a process improvement team is critical to a successful improvement effort Testing the improvement solutions to verify their validity is equally important for sustained improvement.

16 16 Governance & Risk Management Leadership & Behaviors Governance Review Leadership for quality Workforce development Job planning and appraisal Enhancing medical education Evidence based optimal care CPD for quality Awards for professional excellence Privileging and credentialing Data on Harm (IHI Global Trigger Tool) Benchmarking / Dendrite/ ICD-10 Mortality Review Core investigation Committee Never Events (SUI) Access Targets Best Care Always Collaborative Hospital Acquired Infections Clinical Service Reviews Pressure Ulcers VTE Deteriorating Patient Review of complaints management system Decentralized complaints service Patient survey Communication Patient Information service Staff safety culture survey Collaborative partnerships Microsystems IHI Fellows HMC Internal Fellowship IHI Open School IHI Mid East Forum CCITP Nurse leadership Allied healthcare professional Hospitalist program Transfer burns services Hospital at the weekend Measurement & Benchmarkin g Quality Initiatives Patient Partnership & Complaints Capacity & Culture for Continuous QI Multi- Disciplinary Development Reduce Avoidable Deaths Reduce Patient Harm Improve Outcomes Reduce Length of Stay Improve Patient Experience Improve Access to Care Quality GoalsPrimary DriversSecondary Drivers Quality Goals and Drivers

17 HMC and IHI’s 2 nd Annual Middle East Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare is part of the Best Care Always quality improvement framework led by HMC in collaboration with IHI. This world-class conference offers opportunities to learn the latest improvement ideas, connect with like-minded colleagues, and generate momentum for change in your department and across HMC. ​​ Register at: Storyboard Exhibition & Competition 26/4/2914

18 Best Care Always We make the difference Committed to delivering the safest, most effective and compassionate care to our patients Quality & Patient Safety

19 19 Quality & Patient Safety Capacity and Capability Development Open School (5000 enrollments) IHI Forum (2800) Employee Induction (25000 staff) Fundamentals in safety (200 PA) CCITP (150 trained) Best Care Always Collaborative ( 150 year one) HMC Fellowship (12 PA) Microsystems (60 PA) IHI Fellows (2 PA) Clinical Leadership Executive Leadership High reliability ward (1 PA)

20 20 HMC Quality Strategy agreed Oct-12 Dec-12Mar-13Jun-13Sep-13Dec-13Mar-14Jun-14Sep-14Dec-14 IHI Partnership Agreed IHI facilitated leadership retreat HMC-IHI Mid East Forum Open School enrolled HMC-IHI Fellow commenced BCA Launch BCA Foundations BCA LS-1 BCA LS-2 BCA LS-3 HMC- IHI Mid East Forum HMC-IHI Internal Fellowship IHI Fellow x2 Microsystems Increasing Capacity & Capability for Quality Improvement BCA Collaborative Teams Review JCI Surveys * Best Care Always Learning Set

21 21 LESSONS LEARNED Understanding the magnitude of the challenges Developing a quality and safety strategy Building capability and capacity at all levels Raising senior leadership visibility Understanding the local culture Encouraging huge appetite for change Developing an environment of openness and transparency Realizing the need to fuse all things best, both East and West

22 22 “You can design and create and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it takes people to make the dream a reality.” Walt Disney Inform, Integrate, Improve

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