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Servers & Desktop Group Who we are, What we do, What’s up  January 19, 2011 1.

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1 Servers & Desktop Group Who we are, What we do, What’s up  January 19, 2011 1

2 Servers & Desktop Group Who we are…25 positions  Call Center (1 st level support) Senior Call Center Specialist (3) Call Center Specialist (2) Call Center Manager (1)  Computer Support (2 nd level support) Computer Support Specialist (8) Computer Support Manager (1)  Student Data Support (2 nd level support) Student Data Specialist (1)

3 Servers & Desktop Group Who we are (cont’d)…25 positions  Operating and Back-end Systems (3 rd level support) Operating System Analyst (3) Mail Administrator (1) Operating System Manager (1)  Database (2 nd level support) Database Administrator (2)  Web Support (2 nd level support) Web Support Specialist (1)  Coordinator Server Infrastructure & Support (1)

4 Servers & Desktop Group  What we do…Call Center Provides first/second level support (implementation, maintenance, troubleshooting, documentation and resolution) and escalation for an extensive list of technology needs and other district departments. Single point of contact for all issues relating to Technology, Student Information Systems, Payroll, and PeopleSoft Financial Systems Provides SDSS guidance, assistance and training Processes forms submissions for VPN, Confidentially, Contractors, etc. Issues customer satisfaction surveys Provides ticket reports to various systems managers and user groups Receives help requests via phone, email, fax and self-service portal and resolves many tickets by remote access (through NetOp) Receives an average of X requests per day, Resolves an average of X tickets per day

5 Servers & Desktop Group  What we do…Computer Support Provides second level support (documentation, configuration, installation, maintenance, break/fix, etc.) for about 17K end-user devices, site-based servers, and applications for staff and students, covering multiple operating systems and computing platforms Hardware – PCs, Laptops/netbooks, Servers, Printers, etc. Software – OS, SASI, READ180, SRI, Destiny, Adobe, MS Office, etc. Services - installations, configurations, disconnections, reconnections Are a primary face of technology and develop relationships with end users Support staff special needs/handicap accessibility specialized solution sets Return $ back to PPS by performing warranty repair for Dell and HP Help research and test unique project desktop solutions Resolves an average of X tickets per day

6 Servers & Desktop Group  What we do…Student Data Provides second level support (documentation, configuration, maintenance) for various Student Information Systems. Supports assistance requests for Student Information Systems Primary entry point of Course Listings and Directories for SASI and RTI Provides SDSS Guidance and assistance as necessary Assists with training for RTI/SASI to new SDSS’s Perform maintenance on SASI servers Resource for current and historical systems and procedures Must be knowledgeable in multiple Student Information Systems (SASIxp,CLASSxp,IGPRO, RTI, PINNACLE)

7 Servers & Desktop Group  What we do…Operating and Back-end Systems Provides third level support (documentation, configuration, installation, maintenance, etc.) for district servers & storage, central applications, operating systems, and disaster recovery systems Participates in the planning, designing and implementing aspects of any new initiatives and projects including next generation technology solutions Design and maintain all data backup and recovery methods in support of all District-hosted applications and user data storage Examples of systems maintained: Exchange, Blackberry, Sharepoint, Project, Pinnacle, RTI, PeopleSoft, Web Help Desk, READ180, Encore, Unity, RISE Administer and maintain all Microsoft Active Directory (prod, dev, training) environments including Group Policy and User Account management Utilize tools such as SMS and MOM (now known as System Center Manager) for system monitoring and process streamlining

8 Servers & Desktop Group  What we do…Database Administration Provides primary support (documentation, configuration, installation, maintenance, etc.) for district database servers and development group for all database operational needs Delivers the day-to-day operation/maintenance of the production, test and development databases, including database performance issues. (i.e. installation, troubleshooting, patching and security of databases) Designs and creates the database objects such as scripts for utilities of information update and change Administers the release of database objects from development into production Administers support for database queries and schema for the development team Develop, design, and implement backup and restore procedure for database applications to insure a successfully disaster recovery

9 Servers & Desktop Group  What we do…Web Support Provides primary support (documentation, configuration, installation, maintenance, etc.) for district web pages and secondary support for various back-end systems Backend management for District Websites (about 70), including user management, performance monitoring, coding efficiency, and dynamic content Support various application integrations with district web infrastructure (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, PGH Promise, Pinnacle, RISE, RTI, etc.) Primary manager for 60 domain names for websites and SSL certificates Primary support and development for Human Resources application system (external, internal, coaching, and summer school applications) Primary support and development for PPS Tube, Find my School, Plant Operations Metering System (for utilities) and LaunchPad (student web portal)

10 Servers & Desktop Group  What we do…Coordinator Server Support Responsible for the day-to-day operation of enterprise server and desktop environment containing approximately 17k nodes, the District Call Center, Computer Repair/Support Operations, Back-end Operating Systems and applications, Email and Database Administrators and Web Page Support. Deliver safe and sustainable solutions for cost-effective desktop & server operations to help ensure a high-level of customer service/satisfaction is provided everyday Mentor direct and indirect reports to promote position and personal growth Collaborating with project/solution business owners to effectively deliver a high quality of service to meet or exceed expectations Oversee a discretionary budget of approximately $4M (for hardware, software & services) Collaborate with various others on technology policies, guidelines, etc.

11 Servers & Desktop Group  What we’re working on… Implementing a new help ticket system…Web Help Desk Implementing a central fax solution to eliminate local devices, reduce costs, and provide fax delivery at the email level Planning a central server replacement incorporating extensive use of blade technology, VM’s, cutting-edge storage solutions, and co-location services Standardizing desktop operating systems to WIN 7 and incorporating the use of Office 2010. Including a significant device refresh to replace all systems during this year obtained prior to 2008 Planning migration of our Exchange 2003 system to Exchange 2010 within the next couple months Preparing newly received server equipment to ensure Pinnacle and RISE solutions have separate high-available PROD, DEV & Training environments for both internal & external access where applicable Beta-testing stationary thin client solutions and VDI back-end

12 Servers & Desktop Group  What we’re working on…(cont’d) Researching and testing the use of mobile solutions such as iPADS, Android based Tablet PC’s (i.e. Samsung Galaxy) for use with various applications (i.e. RISE, Pinnacle, Web Help Desk) Integrating a new AD provisioning tool, Imanami, for account creation, end- user self-service for changing their AD info and permitting easier Exchange grouping Implementing plans to increase the amount of professional development opportunities for staff to help ensure they are “tech” current on embedded solution sets Devising strategy to ensure all back-end servers are utilizing Server 2008 to reduce security risks and embed standardization Upgrading current VM infrastructure from 4.0 to 4.1 for added functionality Planning an update to the E-Vault archiving system to enable improvements to interaction with OWA, Exchange 2010, and backup

13 Servers & Desktop Group  What we’re working on…(cont’d) Devising strategy to significantly reduce the number of printers across all buildings by expanding the use of network enabled copiers within every building Pushing out applications such as Firefox, CDT (student state testing) Working on revising the district’s AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) and Information Security policy with other OIT groups and revising several posted “guidelines” Collaborating with other PPS departments on various projects which have a technology component Participating with other OIT staff as members of the “data team” to assist in developing the Strategic Information Plan to support the EET initiative Collaborating with development of a plan for use of a SSO (Single Sign On) solution to be integrated with various applications and the EET portal

14 Servers & Desktop Group  Management Team Contact Info… Dave Miller, Coordinator,412.488.2481, Nancy Rosso, Call Center Manager, 412.390.2790, Tom Wilbrink, Computer Support Manager, 412.488.4792, Bob Voskamp, Operating Systems Manager, 412.488.2474,

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