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Summer Dreamers Materials! (seeing is believing).

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1 Summer Dreamers Materials! (seeing is believing)


3 Materials & Supplies Distribution The bulk of your materials & supplies should be on-site when you arrive to your camp site on July 5 th. We have packaged site-specific piles for ‘draying’ to each camp site – facilities will load the boxes on to a palette, shrink wrap them all together, and deliver your haul to your site during the last two weeks of June. Detailed inventory lists will be included or sent via e-mail/website

4 Tasks & Timeline July 5 th : COM and designated CCs unpack the shipment and check against the inventory list to ensure that all necessary materials are present. E-mail Christine if any items are missing. July 5 th – 8 th : COM and designated CCs sort the shipment and begin distributing materials to classrooms and locations according to the instructions on the inventory list and in the training docs. July 11 th – August 10 th : COM and designated CCs keep tabs on materials and e-mail Christine if you are running low on anything. August 10 th - 11 th : COM leads camp-site wrap up and repackaging of materials for draying back to our inventory site (detailed instructions will be provided)

5 Distribution Detailed instructions for where each item should go/what it should be used for will be provided along with your materials shipment (hard copy and electronic). Some materials are general (i.e. classroom supply bins) and some are grade-level and class specific (i.e. 2 nd grade Math books or 5 th – 7 th grade Enrichment games) Inventory list includes the fate of each item (if it should be returned or not). More detailed instructions for packaging materials for return will be provided closer to the end of camp. SAVE YOUR BOXES!!!! These will be used to re-package items to send back

6 Ex: Scholastic Several Scholastic Boxes: Scholastic book tubs Momentum CR Libraries The 10's A1 The 10's A2 The 10's A3 The 10's B1 The 10's C2 Fabulously Famous Fluency Lib A Box 1 Fabulously Famous Fluency Lib B Box 1


8 Ex: Scholastic Each Scholastic box is clearly labeled – the writing is a bit small, but each unopened package will contain all of the necessary materials. Pay attention to what each box contains before opening it, and be careful not to mix items between boxes while unpacking!

9 Ex: Scholastic

10 Scholastic Momentum Classroom Libraries – K-4 What You Will Get: Original boxes, grade level specific (marked on side) each box can serve 3 classrooms, will need to be repackaged Re-packaged books, grade level specific (color coded and labeled) each package can serve 1 classroom

11 2 nd Grade Momentum Classroom Lib

12 3 rd Grade Momentum Classroom Lib

13 Inside the box … 72 total books (2 copies each of 36 titles) Teacher’s guide Tiered book stand

14 Inside the Momentum Classroom Library Original Box – smaller labeled box of books, teacher’s guide & tiered stand (not shown)

15 Each K-4 Reading classroom needs… 1 set of 24 total books – 2 copies each of 12 different titles, the exact titles do not matter as long as there are 12 pairs of books total)

16 Repackaged Momentum Classroom Libraries – color coded by grade level One 24 pk of books per classroom (2 copies each of 12 different titles) K gets 1 st grade level, all other grades get corresponding grade level

17 Distribution – Scholastic Momentum Classroom Libraries (K-4 only) Sort and distribute the color coded pre-packaged bags by classroom (one per class, based on grade level, Kindergarten gets Gr 1 books, Gr 1 – 4 gets their specific Gr level) Open the new boxes and re-package the 72 total books into 3 packs of 24 – OPEN BOXES FOR ONE GRADE LEVEL AT A TIME TO AVOID MIXING TITLES!!!! – Pull out 24 total books (2 copies of 12 different titles – doesn’t matter which ones), label and bag them by grade level, and set them aside for the classroom to which they belong – Set aside teacher’s guide and book stand – do not need to be distributed. Teacher’s guide should be returned at the end of camp, book stand can be used and does not need to be returned.

18 Other Materials Butcher paper & paint for posters Copy paper Classroom supply bins Admin/office bin GAMES!!! BOOKS!!! Wall Calendars (5-8) Agendas (5-8) Chart paper

19 Detailed Inventory List ex: Admin Bin

20 Park Your Questions in the Parking Lot

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