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Word Warrior Definitions Become a Word Warrior! Set 2.

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1 Word Warrior Definitions Become a Word Warrior! Set 2

2 Welcome to Set 2 Word Warriors Words  You are on your way to owning another set of fabulous Word Warrior Words.  This week we will take our final activity on Thursday  Remember there will be fun rewards for campers who increase their vocabularies and show that they know the words.  If you know 15-17 words then you’ll be a Jargon General!  If you know 18-20 words then you’ll be a Term Trooper!  If you know 21-25 words then you’ll be a Word Warrior!

3 Admonished (verb):

4 Connive (verb)

5 What’s it mean?: A person who is diligent takes care of doing their work and makes sure it is done correctly. Here’s an example: Tyrell was very diligent when completing his homework; he always made sure he had the right answers. Synonyms: hard working, careful, thorough Diligent: (adjective )

6 Empathy (verb ) What’s it mean?: Empathy is the ability to share another person's feelings as if they were your own. Here’s an example: She showed great empathy when she cried during the scene in the movie when the boy died. Synonyms: understanding, Compassion, sympathy

7 Fabricate (verb): Here’s an example: Suzy and Barb fabricated a rumor about Jen. When might you fabricate a story? What’s it mean? when you fabricate something you make it up or tell a lie

8 Jubilant (adjective) What’s it mean? Someone is jubilant when the feel great happiness and joy. Here’s an example: The children were jubilant as they ran through the grass. Write down 5 examples of some things that would make you feel jubilant.

9 Lurch (verb) What’s it mean? If someone or something lurches, it moves suddenly and violently. Here’s an example: When the tidal wave hit, boats and houses were lurching to and fro. Get up and lurch your body to and fro

10 Relentless (adjective) What’s it mean? If something is relentless it never stops or becomes less intense. Here’s an example: The relentless heat caused the lake to dry up. Give some examples of how you can beat relentless heat in the summer.

11 Let the Games Continue!  Now that you’ve seen the words for this week, make sure you work hard every day to learn what they mean!  During the word warrior time of your day, you will have opportunities to learn and practice the warrior words so you can be a master word warrior.  At the end of the week you will have a final activity to show what you know.

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