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Pronunciation Teaching Tools Burgen Young

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1 Pronunciation Teaching Tools Burgen Young

2 key Pronunciation is a key to communication. But…

3 noteffective Isolated pronunciation exercises are not very effective. And…

4 confusing Technical explanations of pronunciation are often confusing.

5 A Solution

6 as problems occur Practice pronunciation as problems occur And…

7 Avoid pronunciation jargon alveolar ridge fricative voiceless supersegmental schwa dipthong vocal tract

8 Keep it simple

9 How?

10 Pronunciation Tool Number One

11 familiarUse symbols

12 Pronunciation Tool Number Two

13 I hear. Try to say. I hear. Try to say. I hear. Try to say. how house t-shirt teacher sheep ship

14 Pronunciation Tool Number Three

15 Listen Listen, listen some more and then repeat. Just listen. Ruler.

16 Pronunciation Tool Number Four

17 Break it Down fridge re fridge re fridge er re fridge er ate re fridge er ate or

18 Pronunciation Tool Number Five

19 You can say when you say. the s sound at the beginning of a word start the v sound very the r sound red

20 Tool Kit 1.Use familiar symbols 2.When you say that I hear ____. Try to say ____. 3.Listen, listen again, and then repeat. 4.Break it down 5.You can say that when you say ___.

21 more Pronunciation is more than sounds.

22 Intonation Intonation is more important for comprehension than individual sounds.

23 The teaching tools work with intonation too.

24 What is intonation?

25 Intonation is… Pitch

26 Intonation is… Stress

27 Intonation is… Thought Groups

28 What is sentence stress?

29 The important words in a sentence are stressed.

30 vowel sound A stressed syllable has a vowel sound that is…

31 syllables vowel sounds To identify the number of syllables in a word, count the number of vowel sounds.

32 stretch To find a stressed syllable, stretch the word and identify the longest vowel sound.

33 For more information

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