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10/22/2014SI 2012 Sarah Larson Quick Career Counseling101 Fast Car by Tracy Chapman.

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1 10/22/2014SI 2012 Sarah Larson Quick Career Counseling101 Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

2 10/22/2014SI 2012 Sarah Larson John Holland? Career choice is an extension of your personality People and work environments are assigned to specific categories The closer the match of personality and job, the more job satisfaction O*NET DOL categorized 85% of U.S. work using Holland’s research Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) Enhanced Occupational Outlook Handbook

3 10/22/2014SI 2012 Sarah Larson O*NET wse/Interests/ wse/Interests/

4 10/22/2014SI 2012 Sarah Larson Activity 15 minutes to complete your own inventory Discussion of the types

5 10/22/2014SI 2012 Sarah Larson R I A S E C

6 10/22/2014SI 2012 Sarah Larson Realistic The R environment makes physical demands. Work settings have tools, machines or animals that people manipulate The ability to work with things is more important than the ability to interact with people R people are likely to have little tolerance for abstract or theoretical descriptions R people are likely to expect specific suggestions- practical solutions

7 10/22/2014SI 2012 Sarah Larson Investigative The I environment is one in which people search for solutions to problems through mathematical/scientific interests and competencies I careers require people to use their intellect to work independently and solve problems I people are not likely to enjoy supervising, but will enjoy analyzing or searching for solutions You may never get one of these because they would prefer to solve it themselves

8 10/22/2014SI 2012 Sarah Larson Artistic The A environment is on that is free and open to creativity and personal expression rather than logic A people like to express themselves in unsystematic ways via music, writing or art Tool use is for expressing themselves, not to complete a task (like using a wrench) A people will rely on emotions rather than logic to discuss career options

9 10/22/2014SI 2012 Sarah Larson Social The S environment is one that encourages people to be socially responsible, flexible and understanding- where people help others with emotional and spiritual problems An S person is interested in helping people through teaching or providing personal services S people enjoy solving problems through discussion and teamwork S people avoid tool use and seek work that uses verbal and social skills

10 10/22/2014SI 2012 Sarah Larson Enterprising The E environment is one where people manage and persuade others to attain organizational or personal goals Promotion, wealth and power are important E people prefer to lead, persuade and manage rather than help E people appear self assured, but may overestimate their skills and abilities

11 10/22/2014SI 2012 Sarah Larson Conventional Organizing and planning describe the C environment C competencies are clerical, ability to organize and follow rules and dependability C people accomplish tasks and establish organized approaches to problems C people may have difficulty looking at new occupations

12 10/22/2014SI 2012 Sarah Larson Combinations of Types No single job is one type No single person is one type Most jobs listed using Holland’s system have two codes, some three. They are listed highest to lowest Example

13 10/22/2014SI 2012 Sarah Larson Explanatory Constructs Congruence – The relationship of the personality to the work environment – Discovering congruence is the major purpose Differentiation – Some people have 1, 2, or 3 dominant types – Undifferentiated people may have difficulty choosing careers

14 10/22/2014SI 2012 Sarah Larson Explanatory Constructs Consistency – The similarity or dissimilarity of types – The closer they are, the more consistent they are

15 Explanatory Constructs Identity – The clarity and stability of a person’s current and future goals. Refers to work environments too – Goal setting to implement the plan 10/22/2014SI 2012 Sarah Larson

16 10/22/2014SI 2012 Sarah Larson Other notes Most Important: find out if the person is able or willing to move Read all the help wanted ads in a Sunday newspaper Call HR directors to find out more Set up a job shadow Many learners do not know a broad work world. If they are unaware they don’t know they might like that type of work.

17 10/22/2014SI 2012 Sarah Larson Take it to the classroom Think: What activities are you currently doing with career counseling? Pair: Find one or two other persons with your main trait and brainstorm one lesson to do with your class. Share: your idea with the group. Questions?

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