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Copyright MBARI 2004 MBARI-CIMT Mooring EARTH Workshop July 7, 2004 Kent Headley, Software Engineer, MBARI.

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1 Copyright MBARI 2004 MBARI-CIMT Mooring EARTH Workshop July 7, 2004 Kent Headley, Software Engineer, MBARI

2 Copyright MBARI 2004 Technical Summary Monterey Ocean Observing System (MOOS) –Context for MBARI-CIMT deployment –MOOS objectives and status Objectives of MBARI-CIMT deployment –Science Mission –Technical Mission Mooring Overview –Configuration –Information flow

3 Copyright MBARI 2004 MOOS Overview “Monterey Ocean Observing System” Development program of observatory technologies and systems integrated with multiple field deployments and science experiments Aim is for the technologies and systems to be adopted by community observatory programs, e.g. Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) System concepts Buoy based observatories Cabled observatories MOOS Sub-Systems/Technologies Software Infrastructure and Applications (SIAM) Shore Side Data System (SSDS) MOOS Mooring/MOOS Mooring Controller (MMC) AUV’s/AUV docking Vertical profiling

4 Copyright MBARI 2004 Dorado AUV Docking MBARI Vertical Profiler Shore-Side Data System SIAM...MOOS Mooring And MOOS Mooring Controller MOOS Projects

5 Copyright MBARI 2004 10 km Moored network of benthic, midwater, and surface nodes Instruments can be accessed in near- realtime over satellite or radio link Power (20-100 W) and data (10 Mbit/sec) to the seafloor 4000 meter depth 10 km Benthic runs Support for AUV docking MOOS Mooring

6 Copyright MBARI 2004 MOOS Roadmap 2 Deployments to test electro-optical- mechanical (EOM) cable technology –Dec 2002 –April 2004 MBARI-CIMT Deployment –June 2004 –First science deployment of MOOS mooring

7 Copyright MBARI 2004 MBARI-CIMT Objectives Science Mission Technical Mission –Evaluate Key MOOS elements Power System MOOS Mooring Controller Mooring upper water column configuration (no EOM Cable) Software Infrastructure (SIAM) and Instrument Pucks Shore Side Data System (SSDS) Expose Operational Issues

8 Copyright MBARI 2004 MBARI-CIMT Vital Statistics Location Latitude 36° 50' 0“ N Longitude 121° 53' 0" W Depth70 m Data Telemetry6 MB/Day Data Telemetry System Freewave 900 MHz radio 38400 bps Deployment DurationJune 2004 – June 2005 Buoy Monterey Ocean Observing System (MOOS) Upper Water Column Configuration Height 5.2 m Diameter 2.3 m Weight 1431 kg Power System Solar Array + Battery, 20W continuous Cable Chain Catenary 2:1 scope Trawl Resistant Anchor Anchor Weight 1068 kg Controller MBARI MOOS Mooring Controller 4 GB Compact Flash Data Storage Instrument Ports 12 x 12 VDC 12 A, RS232 System Software Intrynsic Linux 4.2 IBM J9 3.1 Java Virtual Machine MBARI Software Infrastructure and Applications for MOOS (SIAM) Data ArchiveMBARI Shore Side Data System (SSDS) Instrument Pucks Texas Instruments MSP430 1 MB Flash Memory Mooring Location in Monterey Bay Source Unknown

9 Copyright MBARI 2004 Instrumentation Anemometer Metsys Radiometer Primary Radio GPS Radar Reflector Navigation Light Pager Reset pCO2 Orbcomm Modem GPS MMC Power System Batteries Surface Instrument Pucks Nitrate 0m CTD Backscatter (not visible) Fluorometer (not visible) 5m Cage ADCP Radiometer (2) Mooring Cable 10 m: Radiometer (2) Inductive CTD 20 m: Inductive CTD 40 m: Inductive CTD 55 m: Inductive CTD Solar Panel Graphic by: Jon Erickson

10 Copyright MBARI 2004 Interne t Information Flow Deployed Operations Shore Side Data System Shore Side Data System Commands Data Telemetry External Data Source External Data Source External Data Data Metadata Processed Data System Operators Science/Engineering Data Users

11 Copyright MBARI 2004 References MBARI Websites –http://www.mbari.org – CIMT Website –http://cimt.ucsc.edu

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