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Bellwork #1 September 9, 2013 Please write the prompt! List our 6 Reader’s Apprenticeship classroom norms. Explain why each norm is an essential component.

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1 Bellwork #1 September 9, 2013 Please write the prompt! List our 6 Reader’s Apprenticeship classroom norms. Explain why each norm is an essential component of our classroom.

2 Bellwork #2 September 10, 2013 Guiding Question—What do you feel are the most important norms to have when working in a group? Center circle: Group Norms Don’t forget to fill-in the Frame!

3 Bellwork #3 September 11, 2013 Grab a scantron form from the front table Fill out the scantron completely using a #2 pencil. NO PEN!!!! –Name –Subject:LA1 Pre-Test –Test No.—WAIT UNTIL I GIVE YOU A TEST! –Date –Period (hour)

4 Bellwork #4 September 12, 2013 I want you to think about the reading strategies you use when you are having trouble with a text. How do you figure out the meaning of words you don’t know? What do you typically do when you are reading a difficult text?

5 Bellwork #5 September 16, 2013  Using a brace map to display your information, explain what a 5 paragraph essay should look like. This is just an outline!  Don’t forget the frame of reference!  Refer to page 30 in your planner for the thinking maps.

6 Bellwork #6 September 17, 2013 What would life be like if you lived here? Respond in at least one paragraph. Be Creative!!

7 Bellwork #7 September 18, 2013 List all of the things you should look for when you are scoring an essay on CONVENTIONS and PRESENTATION. You may refer to planner pages 24 and 28-29.

8 Bellwork #8 September 19, 2013 In your own words, explain what you think a good summary should include.

9 Bellwork #9 September 20, 2013 Respond to the following questions about yesterday’s SSR and 10-Word Summary Strategy. 1.How did you feel you did with the 10- Word Summary Strategy? Explain. 2.Did you find the strategy helpful? Explain why. 3.In regards to the strategy, what do you still need help with?

10 Bellwork #10 September 23, 2013 Circle Map-Defining in Context. Practice using the word: Food Bubble Map- Describing Qualities. Use ADJECTIVES! Practice using the word: Lion


12 Bellwork #11 September 24, 2013 Double Bubble Map- Comparing and Contrasting Practice by comparing and contrasting middle school with high school. Tree Map-Classifying Information Practice by listing your favorite things.

13 Bellwork #12 September 25, 2013 Word Mapping Challenge! –Antidisestablishmentarianism Break it apart (prefixes, suffixes, root?) Put it back together. What does it mean? BE SURE TO USE THE PROPER FORMAT!!


15 Bellwork #13 September 26, 2013 Brace Map-Part/Whole Relationship Practice using a 5 paragraph essay. Flow Map-Sequencing Practice using your daily school schedule.

16 Bellwork #14 September 27, 2013 Word Map the following words. Make sure to use the proper format!!!!! productivecourteousnessblissful

17 Bellwork #15 September 30, 2013 Underline the nouns in each sentence. 1.Mrs. Lichocki loves to teach her students reading strategies. 2.Mohamed insists on bringing a Gatorade to class, even though he is not allowed. 3.Fordson High School’s motto is pride, tradition and legacy.

18 Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution Characters Introduced Setting described Suspense is building Conflict develops Turning point Loose ends Tied up Conflict taken Care of The story Comes to An end Plot Diagram Flow Map Main Conflict Introduced Main Character Faces conflict Bellwork #16 October 1, 2013 Copy in your NOTES!

19 Bellwork #17 October 2, 2013 Identify each verb in the following sentences: 1.Mrs. Lichocki drives 40 minutes to get to work each day. 2.The freshmen class of Fordson High School stomped their way to victory as the loudest class at the Pep Rally. 3.Teenagers often squirm and talk too much while in school.

20 Bellwork #18 October 3, 2013 Underline each adjective in the following sentences: 1.Dad divided the apple pie among the eager guests. 2.The runner was proud of setting a new record. 3.The passengers remained calm in spite of the turbulent weather.

21 Bellwork #19 October 4, 2013 Underline each adverb in the following sentences: 1.The ice storm completely destroyed several buildings. 2.The emergency crew arrived promptly. 3.Leave the packages here.

22 Bellwork #20 October 7, 2013 Word map the following words using the proper format from your notes. Extraordinaryillegible

23 Bellwork #21 October 8, 2013 Please grab a copy of the Spine Tingler Cloze Notes. Try to complete as many of the blanks as you can. USE PENCIL!!!!!!!!

24 Observations/Explicit understandings in text (summarize the text in your own words – What does it say?) Inferences/Implicit understanding of text (read between the lines … what is the author trying to say?) Talk to the Text (T2T)... [My questions, connections, ideas, ah ha!, predictions, vocabulary] BELLWORK #22 OCTOBER 9,2013 PLEASE COPY! Flip your paper horizontally! THIS IS A TRIPLE ENTRY JOURNAL!!!! Title the journal, “The Most Dangerous Game”

25 Bellwork #23 October 10, 2013 1.What can we infer about Whitney’s character based off of the following lines from the text, Rainsford says," Who cares how a jaguar feels?” “Perhaps the jaguar does,” observed Whitney. 2.Cause/Effect-The sound of the gunshot caused what to happen to Rainsford? 3.What was the first thing Rainsford saw when he approached the island?

26 Bellwork #24 October 11, 2013 Today is the last day of Cardmarking #1. 1. List your 3 strengths you feel you have in the class thus far. 2. List 3 things you would like to improve upon in Cardmarking #2.

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