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Welcome to San Jose High Academy

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1 Welcome to San Jose High Academy
International Baccalaureate School

2 Agenda Overview of Program Program Requirements Contract
Exam Registration and Cost MY

3 IB Diploma Program Challenging Program Recognized World Wide by Universities Diploma students are widely accepted at a higher rate Possibility to earn up to 30 college credits Students are well prepared for the demands of higher education.

Group 1 - Language A1 Group 2 - Language B and A2 Group 3 - Individuals and Societies Group 4 - Experimental sciences Group 5 - Mathematics and Computer science Group 6- The Arts and Electives

5 Traditional IB Schedule One From Each Group
English HL Second Language SL may be HL History of the Americas HL Biology HL, Chem. HL, Physics HL Math SL, Math Studies SL, Math HL Econ SL, IB Art SL, Music SL, or Design Tech SL

Three Higher Level (HL) courses Three Standard Level (SL) courses Extended essay Theory of Knowledge CAS (Creativity-Action-Service) 150 hours

7 Creativity, Action and Service
CAS Hours students need to complete 150 hours in all 50 from each category Students are balanced and they are developing lifelong skills

8 What qualifies for CAS Hours
Creativity Arts/Crafts Choir Band Acting Debate Dance Photography Action Service School Sports Volunteer Mountain Climbing Work Skiing Gardening Judo Coaching Clubs

9 IB Internal Assessments
English, Oral Commentaries and 2 World Lit Papers Second Language, Oral Presentations History, Research Paper, 2000 Words Science, Labs for the last 2 years Math, Portfolio of problems or a research project Econ, Portfolio Art, Art Workbook and Art Show Music, Concerts and Research Paper Design Tech, Project

10 External Assessments May Exams
Registration are due at the end of October Scholarship Requests form due at the end of October

11 IB Student’s Acceptance Rate
Colleges % All Applicants % IB Diploma Cal Poly, SLO Cornell Harvard M. I. T Santa Clara Stanford UCLA UC Berkeley USC Yale

12 Classes of 2006 & 2010 SJHA College Acceptance Rates
UC Berkeley % UC 61% UC Davis % CSU 17% UC San Diego 17% Private 11% Other UC ‘s % Com Col %

13 Cost to you The IB Program is expensive Each exam is $96.00 (10-11)
Scholarships are contingent upon state budget Students will have a lot of work so stress levels run high

14 Parents’ Role May Exams
Please be aware this is a challenging curriculum Please notice your students work habits Our students tend to over extend themselves Please notify teachers or coordinator if you have questions May Exams

15 Why Choose an IB Program?
Internationalism Intercultural Understanding Exposure to a variety of points of view Teachers support student learning goals Students are able to participate in various High School extracurricular activities Colleges recognize how well prepared our students are and accept them in larger numbers

16 Questions Please call me or email me for about questions or concerns
All documents are on Please leave me with your so I can send updates. Thank you,

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