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ITS Georgia September 2013 FDOT District Two: I-75 FOG AND SMOKE DETECTION PROJECT Paul j. mannix – atkins traffic Engineering group manager

2 FDOT D-2 covers 18 counties in Northeast Florida – nearly 12000 square miles
Includes Jacksonville on the east side and Gainesville/Lake City on the west side 2556 centerline miles

3 Florida department of transportation
FDOT – 7 districts plus Turnpike

4 Project area I-75 and US 441 across Paynes Prairie
State Park and Wildlife Preserve Open grassland and wetlands Frequent fog Short distance along the roads I-75 – 2.5 miles across prairie US 441 – just under 2 miles across prairie

5 Project area I-75 – Micanopy (CR 234) to Gainesville (Archer Road)
US441 – just south of Prairie to just north of Prairie Point out green – Paynes Prairie

6 INCIDENT DEBRIEF January 29, 2012 at 12:30 AM
Fires around prairie due to arson Road closures earlier in day but reopened shortly before accident Zero visibility due to fog and smoke 12 passenger cars and 7 trucks 11 fatalities Picture on left from a vehicle involved in the accident before the accident occurred.

7 INCIDENT DEBRIEF Pictures of accident scene next morning

8 solution University of Central Florida Study Money from Legislature
Expedited Design and Construction Letting ITS Devices for Detection and Warning Visibility Sensors Thermal Cameras Beacon Signs Dynamic Message Signs Study – this area was 5th on the priority list, however, the top 4 already had projects in the works. $4 million set aside by legislature for adding warning systems in fog prone areas - $2 million was given to this project. Started design in November 2012, completed design in June 2013 Reduced advertisement time from 60 days to 30 days – letting to contractor will be in September

9 Deployment 11 miles of I-75 2 miles of US 441 17 CCTV cameras
21 Vehicle detectors 5 Dynamic Message Signs 3 Flashing Beacon Signs 12 Visibility sensors 2 Thermal Imaging cameras 5 BlueTOAD sensors 8 Wireless jump spots System Manager project overseen by FDOT Partnership with City of Gainesville Owner Furnished Items Bosch CCTV Wavetronix HD detectors Daktronics full color signs Optical Scientific OWI-650 weather identifier and visibility sensor – measures visibility and detects rain, snow, drizzle, freezing and mixed precipitation conditions FLIR Thermal cameras Ubiquiti wireless devices Cabinets – being built and configured by City of Gainesville

Approximate locations of devices

11 Operations Automated sensors Automated software
Weekday operations in Gainesville Night/Weekend operations in Jacksonville ½ mile minimum visibility threshold Set alerts SunGuide software to take input of data, evaluate based on thresholds and provide alerts to operators of issues.

12 QUESTIONS? Paul J. mannix, P.E., ptoe
Atkins - traffic Engineering group manager (407) Peter Vega, P.E. FDOT District Two ITS Engineer (904)

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