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International Baccalaureate Program

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1 International Baccalaureate Program
A Presentation by Irving W. Ginsberg, Ph.D. YOUR TAX DOLLARS funding a foreign entity to destroy our educational system and obliterate American values and exceptionalism.


3 IB HISTORY IB program roots are in The League of Nations
IBO educational program was formed in 1967 for children of UN diplomats and in 1968 registered in Geneva Switzerland 1970 IBO recognized as a NGO (Non-governmental organization) having “formal consultative relations” with UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) IBO denies being “directly” tied to UNESCO but still is strongly connected - UNESCO provides consultation, IBO uses UN teaching materials, receives UN funding, and even share same address 1!!! 1. 15 route des Morillons , 1218 Grand-Saconnex / Geneva Switzerland

4 IB TIME LINE 1947: United Nations International School (UNIS)
Founded in New York. UNIS became an IB world School in January 1971 1949: UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) convenes the Conference of Internationally-minded Schools (CIS) 1948: A UNESCO handbook titled Techniques d’education pour la paix. Existent-elles? By Marie-Thérèse Maurette, then-director of the International School of Geneva 1951: International Schools Association (ISA) --“established at UNESCO in Paris by Ecolint parents employed in UN organizations” 1962: United World Colleges (UWC) is created as “a new and unique model for global citizenship education.” 1964: International Schools' Examination Syndicate (ISES) - predecessor to the IBO – is created with a three-year grant from the Twentieth Century Fund that was given to the ISA 1967: International Baccalaureate Office is created and in 1968 the group is registered in Geneva, Switzerland

5 IB GOAL According to Ian Hill, Deputy Director General of IBO, “The primary goal of IBO is the promotion of world citizenship.” Educational Philosophy brainchild of Marie-Therese Maurette (Fabian Socialist) in 1948 Geography should be taught starting NOT WITH the student’s country of origin but with the whole world History should not be taught before the age of 12 to avoid it becoming a catalogue of national heroes and patriotic celebrations. When introduced, it must be world history Each week there should be an hour’s lesson of “national culture” taught to classes divided into small national groups, but this will be deliberately subordinated to international geography and history. Promotion of bilingualism Moral relativism Atheism

6 IB CREED/PHILOSOPHY “students in each IBO programme are exposed to those human values which are recognized as universal: … embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted & proclaimed by the Gen. Ass. Of the UN in 1948.” 1 Clash between inalienable rights (Constitution. & Declar. of Indep.) & bestowed rights (granted by governments) UN doc. based on premise that governments grant rights to citizens – govs have all the power UN Declar. of Human Rights doc. (art. 29): “These rights & freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes & principles of the UN.” “The DP & MYP grew from a western humanist position, the .. Increasing influence of non-western cultures .. Is becoming more significant.” 2 Supreme Court ruled (1961) Humanism is a religion. Humanist Concepts Theological atheism, philosophical naturalism, moral relativism, political globalism Values are learnt, are not immutable; no moral absolutes; ethics change with new scientific discoveries & are made as needs dictate. “A Continuum of International Education.” International Baccalaureate Organization. p. 10 , Ibid., p. 4.

The student is purposely disconnected from his family beliefs and national culture. “What is acknowledged… is that education for world citizenship needs to begin early… The development of world citizenship must take place at every age.”1 “Young people need to feel first of all global citizens, second national citizens and third local citizens. Among my generation, it is the other way round. Change will be difficult, but schools are already thinking about curriculum changes.”2 If global government becomes a reality, the United States will no longer be a free, independent, and sovereign nation but will be under the control of the global government body (UN). The U.S. is constantly under pressure to ratify the international treaties, such as Kyoto, World Court, Small Arms treaty, etc. (treaties become the law of the land, superseding the constitution) “A Continuum of International Education.” International Baccalaureate Organization. p. 10 JF Rischard, “IB is showing the way,” IB World, May Accessed 6/10/08

8 HOW IB WORKS Marketing Strategy
IB is marketed as “elite” education offered in a public setting– often a selling point to parents; for the district, however, it serves a only few students at the expense of many The IB program is supposed to appeal to intelligent, highly motivated, organized students & best academic teachers; yet most students who begin IB programs do not earn the IB diploma. Disputes Foreign Swiss courts adjudicate conflicts between IBO requirements and US schools. College Admissions & Credits Credit given only to the few students completing IB Diploma Program (DP). Those who receive the IB certificate (not the diploma) usually denied college credit. Therefore limited number of college credits awarded to a few elite Dipl. Students

AMERICAN VIEW OF WHO GRANTS RIGHTS: We the people have certain inalienable rights granted to us by our creator and these principles derive from a Judeo-Christian philosophy. Governments exist to defend those rights – Constitution and Declaration of Independence IB VIEW OF WHO GRANTS RIGHTS: the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) holds precedence and is supreme: rights are granted by the government, and these rights “may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.” (Article 29 Sec.3 of UN’s UDHR.)

10 IB VS CONSTITUTION The IB program violates the establishment clause of the First Amendment. “The Diploma Programme and Middle Years Programme grew from a western humanist tradition, …” 1 The U.S. Supreme Court recognized Humanism as a religion in (Torasco v Watkins, 367, US488, June 19, 1961.) Humanism: theological atheism; moral relativism; political globalism (with UN governance). “It must be made very clear that the programme does have a major role to play in the school and that the intrinsic values espoused by the IB DP are relevant to the whole school, are firmly embraced by the published school mission statement…” 2 Court rulings have overturned the teaching of values in public schools because of their religious nature. 1. “A Continuum of International Education.” International Baccalaureate Organization. p. 10 2. Goodban, John. “Quality Assurance and Maintenance of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.” Implementing the IB Diploma Programme. Cambridge University Press p. 17.

SOCIAL JUSTICE: GOVERNMENT IMPOSES EQUAL OUTCOMES AND REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH – A CLASSLESS SOCIETY ESSENTIAL COMPONENT OF THE IB PROGRAM IS THE CONCEPT OF SOCIAL JUSTICE “It is also essential in developing in them [the student] the drive to become an agent of social change in our ever evolving societies where there is still so much to do to reach an ideal of social justice” 1 “Social justice relies on the establishment of 'civil law’, which is designed to expand government and its partners authority at the expense of individual liberty.” 2 “. . . Karl Marx formed and detailed the popular concept of ‘social justice’,” 3 “Many of the foundational writings of social justice can be traced back to the ideas proposed by Marx and Engels.” 4 Monique Seefried, “IBO, a World of Givers,” IBO Heads of Schools World Conference. Cancun, Mexico, Oct.2003, “Social Justice, Code for Communism,” Barry Loberfeld, FRONTPAGE.MAGCOM, Feb. 27, 2004 “On the Origins of Social Justice: Darwin, Freire, Marx, and Vivekananda”, Bharath Sriraman, TMME Monograph 1, Univ. of Montana

LOSS OF LOCAL CONTROL IBO is a private Swiss-based organization Goal is to impose global education standards and curriculum. IBO regulates the entire (whole) school site whether or not the students are part of the IB program. E.g. Harrison High School IBO is formulating curriculum to align with National Common Core Standards promoted by the federal Department of Education (unconstitutional) IB is unconcerned, and works against American students learning American Civics and Government IB COMPETES WITH AP PROGRAM IB guts the AP by drawing resources from AP classes IB is more expensive to run than AP programs IB IS MORE THAN JUST A HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAM IB is a K – 12 program FPS documents indicate that they are interested in providing a K -12 IB education to our students The Harrison High program is just the first step

Educational Calendar IB schedules the school’s master calendar IB classes must be offered regardless of enrollment; non-IB courses scheduled around IB courses IB students must be scheduled first to ensure completion of required classes IB classes have fewer students (could be 1 or 2); therefore non-IB classes often larger than average. Students who miss IB exams at end of school year not permitted to take make-up exams. Curriculum Local boards have little control of the IB program Specific IB course reqts. make it almost impossible to offer both IB and an extensive AP program. DP student work sent away to IB centers for grading by IB officials. IBO monitors grading done by classroom teachers. IB courses generally not aligned with local, state or national standards.

Route 1 History of Europe and the Islamic world—study one of two prescribed subjects: The origins and rise of Islam c500–661; The kingdom of Sicily 1130–1302 History of Europe and the Islamic world—study two of the following topics: Dynasties and rulers; Society and economy; Wars and warfare; Intellectual, cultural and artistic developments; Religion and the state Higher level option—study three sections in the selected option: Aspects of the history of medieval Europe and the Islamic world Route 2 20th century world history—study one of three prescribed subjects: Peacemaking, peacekeeping—international relations 1918–36; The Arab–Israeli conflict 1945–79; Communism in crisis 1976–89 20th century world history—study two of the following topics: Causes, practices and effects of wars; Democratic states—challenges and responses; Origins and development of authoritarian and single-party states; Nationalist and independence movements in Africa and Asia and post–1945 Central and Eastern European states; The Cold War Absent are the founding of the US, World War II, or the Holocaust! “See below also for outline ideas for incorporating peace and conflict in MYP science and IB Diploma Maths”2 1. 2.

15 ALTERNATIVES TO IB IB heavy into marketing its programs as “elite” education, yet other programs are as good or better, much less costly, and not heavily influenced by UN ideology. E.g., Advanced Placement, College-in-High School (CHS) classes How “elite” is IB? -- No empirical evidence that IB students perform better in college than AP student, may even perform worse in Math and Physics. Many more leading universities give credit for AP courses than IB IB trumpets that one must be a “world citizen” (via the IBO school) in order to effectively compete globally. This is nonsense. It is not supported by any empirical evidence whatsoever.

16 SUMMARY IB is anti-American, substituting UN rights and values
“…then he who hears the sound of the trumpet and does not take warning, and a sword comes and takes him away, his blood will be on his own head.” IB is anti-American, substituting UN rights and values IB stresses moral relativism – no good or evil Loss of local control – resides in international body IB subtly indoctrinates students, and also teachers (during their certification process) Substitutes “facilitators” for “teachers” in the classroom IB is much more expensive and not more rigorous than more effective alternatives (Advance Placement, College in High School, etc.) – jn fact being less rigorous in math and hard sciences


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