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IB Design Cycle.

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1 IB Design Cycle

2 Essential Question: How can we tell a story using photos?

3 INVESTIGATE Identify the problem to be solved What is the problem?
Why does this problem exist? How does this problem relate to an area of interaction? Why is this problem worth solving?

4 INVESTIGATE Develop the design brief
What do you already know about the problem? What do you need to investigate? Create a list of appropriate sources of information. Evaluate each source of information in terms of how effectively it will help your investigation.

5 INVESTIGATE Formulate a design specification
What must the solution to your problem accomplish? List the specific requirements that must be met by your solution. What tests will you use to evaluate if each of the these specific requirements have been met?

6 DESIGN Design the solution / product
Create a list of possible products that could solve the problem. List the pros and cons of each of these products in terms of how effectively they meet the specific requirements of your design specification. Select one solution / product and justify your choice. Create a series of sketches, plans, outlines, etc. Select one design and justify your choice.

7 PLAN Plan the product / solution
Create a specific list of logical steps that you will take in order to create your product. Create a schedule of deadlines for each step in your project (include estimated lengths of time required to complete each step). Evaluate your plan and justify any required modifications to your intended product design.

8 CREATE Create the product / solution
Follow your plan to create your product. Document each step of your creation process at least on a weekly basis. Explain how you are using tools, materials, and techniques. Include pictures / videos of each step in your process Discuss how you are establishing a safe working environment for yourself and others. Justify any changes to your original design.

9 EVALUATE Evaluate the product / solution
Carry out tests to evaluate how your finished product satisfied each of the specific requirements listed in your design specifications. Based on your results, evaluate the overall impact of the product on both individuals and society. Explain how the product could have been improved.

10 EVALUATE Evaluate your use of the design cycle
Evaluate your performance during each stage of the design cycle (include both strengths and weaknesses). Suggest ways in which your performance could be improved (what would you do differently).

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