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Brant Davidson International School of Zug and Luzern Bad things happen, embrace them!

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1 Brant Davidson International School of Zug and Luzern Bad things happen, embrace them!


3 A little bit about me…. Shameless self promotion. Originally from the city of South Lake Tahoe California 15+ years in Edu-tech. Four years in the Army as an Engineer Worked at the Santa Fe County detention Center in the early 90’s Moved back to Europe and have been very happy there! And as one of our colleagues pointed out “You have a graveyard and a Vineyard…. Married to the most patient woman on the planet. Two kiddies One Niece And Maggie

4 And what I have done with a lot of help. I have set up the infrastructure in the following schools; Frankfurt International School Early years building Zurich International School Waedenswil Kilchberg Seestrasse Adliswil International School of Zug and Luzern Baar Campus Hunenberg Luzern Wengen

5 Eh, what’s the worst thing that can happen…. ANYTHING! Prague, Czech Republic

6 HERO OR ZERO? Brunig Pass, Bern, Switzerland

7 When bad things happen, be prepared to face them. When people see leaders working towards a solution…. A sense of real collaboration is created. It’s not “us and them”, it’s just US! Yellowstone, Wyoming, USA

8 What’s that Smell? We had a server catch fire, really. IT Facilitator for the campus was with me. It was his first gig, a bit nervous… We put out the flames and explained to people why logging in would take a bit longer. People started to look at him as a real IT guy. (“It was on FIRE and he put it out!”) He is now the IT director at a school with 4000 students. Right place at the wrong time! London, England, UK

9 I don’t care, just fix it!!!! A web site was working a bit slow. IT guy who people were starting to look up to jumped into the issue on his own. Unfortunately, the depth of the issue was above his head and he made things worse. People noticed, he got nervous and lashed out to his colleagues who were trying to help at that point. Always ask for help, don’t be this guy. Health and Safety gone too far….

10 I’m gonna make a backup first… New IT tech,Facing someone with a pretty trashed machine. Trashed machine was the Head of School’s. She took a deep breath, made a back up of the data and tried to fix it. Alas, the fix didn’t work,But the fact she saved the data and tried (It couldn’t get worse) showed commitment. Don’t fear the boss as long as you have a good backup! London, England, UK

11 DB2 SQL Stored View Database was seriously corrupted. Figured the issue was personnel based. Made a member of staff feel really awful as it was presented as their fault. It was a simple technical fault and a back up fixed the data issue Word got out….. A principal got involved. Know what you’re talking about.

12 But what do we do!?! Easy! Always ask for help! ISZL, Baar, Switzerland Disneyland Paris, Paris, France

13 Don’t throw out the kitchen sink. Stay cool. ISZL, Hunenberg, SwitzerlandGalgenen, Switzerland

14 It’s probably not that bad. Eliminate or Mitigate. Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaJungfraujoch, Bern, Switzerland

15 You’re a team, no one needs to stand out. It could be to deep, recognize this early! Miami, Florida, USALake Tahoe, California, USA

16 It could be a long journey – no quick fixes Sacramento, California, USA

17 You will make mistakes. Head for a clear goal. Kitchen Counter, Switzerand Start/Finish line, Monte Carlo, Monaco,

18 Greener pastures await! Really! Galgenen, Switzerland

19 But one final warning….. Hubris R.G.E. Tower of London, London, England, UK

20 Now, your turn! Flumserberg, Switzerland

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