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America’s Health Rankings ® Community Indicators Consortium Impact Summit September 29, 2014.

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1 America’s Health Rankings ® Community Indicators Consortium Impact Summit September 29, 2014

2 2  About America’s Health Rankings ®  Elizabeth Walker Romero, Senior Director, Health Improvement, Association of State & Territorial Health Officials  Mary Kathryn Poole, Public Health Policy Researcher, Tulane School of Public Health, Prevention Research Center  Alejandra Herr, Director of Grants and Programs, National Business Coalition on Health  Tim Cowan, Director, Health Index Initiative, MaineHealth  Q&A Session Overview

3 America’s Health Rankings ® A Comprehensive Assessment of the Nation’s Health Longest running annual assessment of our nation’s health on a state-by-state basis Report identifies the driving health trends of the nation Report provides insights into the national health challenges on the horizon Report has evolved from a source of information to a robust, interactive tool that urges all populations and communities to act Under the editorial control of a scientific advisory committee based out of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Gillings School of Global Public Health Published by United Health Foundation, the American Public Health Association, and Partnership for Prevention 25 th Anniversary edition will be released on December 10, 2014

4 Measures of Health Behaviors  Smoking  Binge Drinking  Drug Deaths  Obesity  Physical Inactivity  High School Graduation Community & Environment  Violent Crime  Occupational Fatalities  Infectious Disease (Salmonella, Pertussis and Chlamydia)  Children in Poverty  Air Pollution Public & Health Policies  Lack of Health Insurance  Public Health Funding  Immunization—Children  Immunization—Adolescents Clinical Care  Low Birthweight Infants  Primary Care Physicians  Dentists  Preventable Hospitalizations Health Outcomes  Diabetes  Poor Mental Health Days  Poor Physical Health Days  Disparity in Health Status  Infant Mortality  Cardiovascular Deaths  Cancer Deaths  Premature Death

5 America’s Health Rankings Overall Ranking 5 2013 RANK (1-50)STATEOverall 47Alabama-0.822 25Alaska0.275 28Arizona0.02 49Arkansas-0.893 21California0.31 8Colorado0.565 7Connecticut0.649 31Delaware-0.097 33Florida-0.21 38Georgia-0.315 1Hawaii0.919 12Idaho0.442 30Illinois-0.096 41Indiana-0.487 18Iowa0.317 27Kansas0.122 45Kentucky-0.716 48Louisiana-0.844 16Maine0.366 24Maryland0.276 4Massachusetts0.725 34Michigan-0.218 3Minnesota0.731 50Mississippi-0.894 39Missouri-0.373 23Montana0.277 2013 RANK (1-50)STATEOverall 11Nebraska0.46 37Nevada-0.294 5New Hampshire0.703 10New Jersey0.531 32New Mexico-0.175 15New York0.37 35North Carolina-0.247 9North Dakota0.557 40Ohio-0.407 44Oklahoma-0.666 13Oregon0.426 29Pennsylvania-0.022 19Rhode Island0.317 43South Carolina-0.635 22South Dakota0.284 42Tennessee-0.579 36Texas-0.25 6Utah0.695 2Vermont0.868 26Virginia0.259 14Washington0.403 46West Virginia-0.727 20Wisconsin0.313 17Wyoming0.355

6 A Call to Action  Use America’s Health Rankings ® to identify strengths of your and other states to address areas that need attention.  Use the Rankings to help people understand the importance of key interventions, particularly around smoking and obesity.  Help promote the America’s Health Rankings ® “take action” library to translate knowledge to action.  Access and share resources on These include state summary pages, state profiles, state disparities information, a PDF and e-book of the report, state-specific infographics, custom-report tools and Spanish-language content. We list some new resources on the following slides.  Leverage successful models and advocate for change as individuals, a community and public health professionals.  United Health Foundation is committed to being a part of the solution, providing a full array of tools to help empower your missions to improve public health.

7 Contact Information Shelly Espinosa 952-936-1889 Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Facebook: Visit our website:

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