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Iowa 1:1 Institute Bringing Meaning Back to High School Parent Teacher Conferences.

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1 Iowa 1:1 Institute Bringing Meaning Back to High School Parent Teacher Conferences

2 Objectives O Provide a method to collect feedback from high school parents O Share ideas and strategies that work O Discuss challenges to changing the way parent teacher conferences are conducted O Share how technology can aid in making high school conferences more meaningful

3 APTT O Academic Parent Teacher Teams O Liesl Burgher-EDL 271 Presentation O Arizona elementary model O Recognized by US Dept. of EducationUS Dept. of Education O EDL 271 Presentation EDL 271 Presentation

4 What is APTT? O Academic Parent Teacher Teams O Increasing student academic learning and performance by enhancing the quality of parent-teacher communication and collaboration. O Three 75-minute team meetings O One 30-minute individual

5 APTT Meeting Agenda O Welcome and Icebreaker O Review of grade-level foundation skills O Sharing data O Modeling and practicing learning activities O Setting short-term goals O Developing classroom networks


7 Carroll High School O Spring Conferences O Traditionally 3-5% parent attendance O The parents who most need to attend don’t O Teachers stationed in their classrooms O Prior to 3 rd quarter grades posted newer O Less attendance than Fall conferences O Little communication home

8 Parent Survey 1. CHS is planning on providing short informative sessions for parents during Spring parent teacher conferences. Please rate the below topics in order of interest to you 2. Are there any other topics not listed above that you would like information on as a high school parent at conferences? 3. Which of the following option(s) would make the conference format better for you? 4. What else might improve the the high school parent teacher conference format that was not listed above? 5. Which evening do you anticipate coming to parent teacher conferences this Spring?




12 Parent Communication O Personal phone calls home O At-risk parents O Students getting D’s and F’s O Teacher requests O Letters sent home O Alert now message O Surveys O District website

13 Teacher Communication

14 Gym Conference Setup






20 Parent Session


22 Results O 4% parent turnout in Spring 2013 to 28% in Spring 2014 O Parents who attended praised changes O Teachers observed positive changes O More parents came with students who were struggling academically O Parents appreciated short informative sessions O Teachers were still productive

23 Parent Feedback

24 Future Considerations O Improve parent attendance to 80-90% O Focus on specific parents based on student need O Would there be an option for electronic conferencing? O Focus on meaningful informational sessions O Childcare for parents with children? O A meal to get parents to conferences? O APTT Model Concept for high school?


26 Contact Information Trent Grundmeyer Liesl Burgher (515) 205-9987(319) 538-2242 Twitter: @tgrundmeyerTwitter: @liesl_b Tammie McKenzie (712) 792-8010 Twitter: @tmckenzie

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