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June 9, 2014 Special Libraries Association Annual Conference / Vancouver, BC More Education, Less Time Implementing Learning Management Systems for Legal.

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1 June 9, 2014 Special Libraries Association Annual Conference / Vancouver, BC More Education, Less Time Implementing Learning Management Systems for Legal Professionals Laura Choyce, Hogan Lovells US LLP Greg McCashin, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP Moderator: Caroline Jones, Crowell & Moring LLP

2 | A Tale of Two Law Firms The story of how two large law firms of different size and configuration have used LMS’s with similar functionality… –for different audiences, and –for largely different purposes 2

3 | Overview How learning management software helped meet objectives and overcome obstacles The selection, procurement and implementation process Tour of each LMS Lessons learned and future plans 3

4 | About Hogan Lovells LLP (AM LAW 10) Global firm with 2,500 attorneys and over 45 offices worldwide, comprised of two separate LLP’s - US LLP (HQ in DC) - International LLP (HQ in London) Largest Practice areas: - Corporate & Finance - Litigation/Arbitration - Intellectual Property - Government Regulatory 4

5 | Hogan Lovells – IRC Overview Global research and knowledge services teams, supporting a variety of practice areas –Over 30 staff in US with an equivalent staff in the London office and abroad –Collection of hundreds of print titles and 800+ online databases 5

6 | About BLG National Canadian law firm with approximately 750 professionals in six offices in four provinces Full-service firm with large institutional client base and significant cross-border practice Largest practice areas: - Corporate & Finance - Litigation - Intellectual Property - Health 6

7 | BLG - Professional Development Overview Who –Professional Committee –National CLE Group What –BLG U is umbrella for most CPD programming for BLG professionals and in-house counsel clients –BLG U offers live and on-demand programming 7

8 | “I Need It Right Away!” Challenges: –Attorneys caught up in projects at last minute –Attorneys often need training on a resource for an urgent project –Training is non-billable –Little budget for incentives to get attorneys to attend –Coordinating and tracking training is a lot of work 8 ASAP!

9 | Objectives – HL Equip associates to become savvy and cost-effective researchers –As part of professional development track to make partner Ensure usage of our subscriptions via training –Many cost tens of thousands of dollars / year! Get associates to come to training!!! 9

10 | Objectives - BLG Provide high-quality live and on- demand (24/7/365) learning to BLG professionals and in-house counsel clients Take the pain out of learning – make it easy Fight the clock!! Tyranny of the billable hour Client and business development 10

11 | LMS – Defined (thank you Wikipedia) a software application for the –administration –documentation –tracking –reporting –delivery of e-learning education courses or training programs 11

12 | Who “owns” the LMS? Hogan Lovells –Library / Information Resource Center (IRC) –Technology Training Department BLG –Professional Development 12

13 | LMS Selection / Procurement – HL In 2011, our Technology Training department purchased an enterprise learning management tool for the US LLP called University Site We realized this could alleviate some of our training issues, so we got on board Features: –Users can sign up for listed classes, wish-list courses, and provide feedback on training –Can track attendance and completion of live and e-learning courses by seamlessly working with Active Directory –Can make certain courses available to particular audiences –Different departments can have designated course catalogs –Sends reminders and Outlook appointments when users register so they do not forget –Can create personalized “learning plans” 13

14 | LMS Selection/Procurement - BLG Trigger/driver = advent of mandatory CPD to Canadian legal landscape (BLG provinces = QC, ON, AB, BC) Preparation of business case for senior management – the sell Procurement process –Professional Committee –Procurement team (including outside consultant) –Identify potential vendors –RFP process –The demo process –Selecting the vendor and system –Contractual terms and conditions 14

15 | LMS Selection/Procurement – BLG (cont’d) Secret weapon: tech-savvy project manager !!!! Tech knowledge Ability to motivate team to stick to the schedule 15

16 | Implementation Timeline (3 Years) – HL 16

17 | Implementation Timeline - BLG Timeframe – Fall 2008 to Fall 2010 (2 years) Communications and visibility PD and BD collaboration Operations team/internal LMS helpdesk –early questions/issues; rapid response 17 Q4 2008 Begin process October 2010 Internal launch – firm retreat January 2011 External Launch

18 | LMS Governance BLG –Professional Committee –BLG U Management Board –BLG U Operations Team –future, BLG U Advisory Board (clients) Hogan Lovells –Primary administrator and vendor contact is the Technology Training department We notify them of any major changes we need to make to the system settings, content, etc. 18

19 | Content – Where does it come from? Purchasing or licensing –Third-party content often makes the best sense Developing your own –Videotaping live sessions –Screencast tutorials –Recording WebEx sessions –Building e-learning modules 19

20 | University Site Learning Center 20

21 | Course Information 21

22 | Registration 22 Users can view a calendar of upcoming events (above) They can also register for sessions via email newsletters or links on the Intranet When registration is accepted, user is sent an Outlook appointment

23 | Learning Plans and Completion 23

24 | Reporting and Tracking Course Attempts Learner Feedback 24

25 | BLG U – Sesame Access 25

26 | BLG U – Homepage – Find, watch, complete 26

27 | BLG U – Course Taxonomy 27

28 | BLG U – Course Title – Decision At a Glance Corporate Governance - A Dispute Resolution Perspective (2014-01-16; BC ON QC 1h) 28

29 | BLG U – Course Description 29

30 | BLG U – Learning Plan 30

31 | BLG U – The Video Window 31

32 | BLG U – Chapter Tab 32

33 | BLG U – Achievement Record 33

34 | Positive Outcomes Overall increase in live session attendance, especially after rolling out Learning Plans Provides direct links to sign up for courses via the Intranet and e-mail Scheduling training is more efficient Tracking attendance and getting feedback is streamlined E-Learning courses provide on-demand, immediate training when the attorney needs it 34

35 | Downsides Some settings are system-wide and cannot be customized by department (e.g. feedback forms) Steep learning curve; requires time to master it, maintain courses, manage enrollment, etc… Can be expensive $$$ Wedging the LMS into the MCLE/MCPD landscape (e.g. solo vs. group viewings); staffing and deadlines 35

36 | Lessons Learned Communicate Collaborate Things will not go smoothly the first time Emphasize training and show the learning management tool as part of your Orientation program 36

37 | Lessons Learned And… BE PATIENT !!! “If you build it, he will come” 37

38 | Future Goals Continue to populate course catalog with live and E- learning courses Get more system functionality and social integration (e.g. SharePoint web parts) Create Learning Plans for other groups, such as Paralegals, Assistants, and Marketing 38

39 | Questions? 39

40 | Contact Laura Choyce – Greg McCashin – Caroline Jones – 40

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